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free job descriptions
Immediate access to over 78 sample job descriptions.
Current and accurate job descriptions maximize employee effectiveness and productivity. The reason is simple - a job description outlines the position's responsibilities and accountabilities. The example job descriptions available for free download can be used to create or update your job descriptions quickly and efficiently.

Job descriptions are an important component to any well-run company. Job descriptions clearly communicate what the employer expects from its employees. In addition, job descriptions help attract and retain the best talent because they show that a company is organized, well-run, and fair. Job descriptions promote responsibility, improve morale and the corporate image.

Our job description examples make writing and maintaining job descriptions straight-forward and simple. Download the samples and you will instantly receive 78 sample job descriptions that you can immediately use to begin writing job descriptions, job ads, and organizational charts for your company. Available in Microsoft Word™, the job description examples are easy to use and customize.

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what We Offer

Our position description examples combine the simplicity of an electronic document with clear and concise job duties and accountabilities that will help you create or update your job descriptions quickly and efficiently. Advantages of our products include:
  • Over 78 free sample job descriptions
  • Immediate download access in MS Word format
  • Toll-free customer support 1-888-285-3055
  • 100% fully customizable in flexible MS Word format for easy editing/copying
  • No sign-up required to download ANY document
  • No membership fees required to download ANY document
  • Saves time - no need to search the Internet
  • Saves time - no need to write your policies or job descriptions from scratch


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