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Sample Attendance Management Policy

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Attendance Management



1.0          Purpose


To provide guidelines pertaining to attendance for reliable attendance, establish requirements of reporting absences to maintain efficient operations.



2.0          Policy


Punctuality and regular attendance are essential to ensure optimal productivity, to attain this objective employees are required to maintain satisfactory record of attendance.


Employees are expected to report to work on time every day on agreed work schedule to maintain a satisfactory record of attendance.



3.0          Responsibility


3.1     Human Resources Department:

  • Provide guidelines towards effective attendance management.
  • Provide attendance, overtime and related details to calculate payroll.


3.2     Manager

  • Ensure adherence of attendance policy and employees attendance of the respective units.
  • Ensure respective units maintain and provide attendance reports on time.


3.3     Employee


  • Adhere to the Attendance policy.
  • Punctuality and regular attendance.
  • Report absences


4.0          Policy Statement and Application:


4.1     Hours of Work

  • Employees are contracted to work for up to forty eight (48) hours per week. The weekly, working hours does not include the daily one (1) hour break.
  • Friday is the weekly day off for all employees.
  • Particular with business exigency work schedule will be determined by the requirement of the process in accordance with the UAE law.
  • The working pattern can vary based on the nature of operations, job role and location of work.


4.2     Time Records

  • To maintain an effective work environment employees are expected to come to work on time and maintain a disciplined work schedule.
  • All employees are required to record their attendance which includes on a daily basis through automated attendance system.


4.3          Provision for log in

  • Grace period of 10 minutes is permissable to log in on assigned work schedule to a maximum number of ten (10) times in a attendance cycle.  Eg: Log in â  08:30 am (Grace Period 10 min) permissible â  08:40 am.
  • Late Log in after the grace period will be acceptable maximum of 3 times in a attendance cycle, subject to log in 30 minutes from assigned log in work schedule.
  • Disciplinary action of half day deduction will be applicable in case of non compliance as aforementioned.


4.4          Provision for log out

  • Early log out will be acceptable to a maximum of 3 times in one attendance cycle subject to approval of reporting manager.
  • In case early log out exceeds three times in an attendance cycle, half day will be deducted.
  • Attendance that did not record log out unless authenticated upon investigation will be deducted half day.
  • Technical support shall be coordinated with IT help desk and ensure rectification upon standard service level agreement.
  • Late â time-in  and time-out  due to official reasons should be intimated to the assigned spoc of the respective units, record of the same should be updated in the attendance system.
  • Sick leave absences should be communicated by online application through employee portal.
  • Employees absent for three (3) consecutive days due to illness, should provide sick leave certificate, failure to provide shall automatically disqualify the employee for sick leave pay.
  • Attendance Reports completed, from the assigned spoc of the respective units should be communicated in text as applicable, not later than 15th of the month schedule.
  • Significant absences from the work place must be pre-approved by the manager and logged appropriately.
  • If an employee fails to record a time-in or time-out  this will be considered breach of company policy  and unauthorized absence.
  • Altering, falsifying and/or tampering with time records is considered as gross misconduct and will result in disciplinary action.



4.5          Overtime

  • Employees are expected to complete their work during the designated work hours, a healthy work life balance is considered of importance.
  • In line with the operational requirements employees may be required to work additional hours, any hours worked in excess of forty eight (48) per week hours is considered overtime.
  • Over time for employee will be paid at the following rate in compliance to the UAE law:

Overtime hours worked


0400 -  2100 hrs

125% of the hourly rate

2100 -  0400 hrs

150% of the hourly rate


150% of the hourly rate




4.6          Overtime Request

  • All overtime must be approved by the Department manager in advance, and submit the overtime payment request online to the HR department.
  • Upon approval previous months overtime payment will be transferred to the employees bank at the time of payroll.


4.7          Unauthorized Absence

  • An employee will be considered unauthorized absence if he/she does not communicate to the reporting manager.
  • Failure to submit leave application.
  • Unauthorized absence of employees for seven (7) consecutive days in a year will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the UAE law.
  • Unauthorized absence of employee for twenty (20) non-consecutive days or more in a given year will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the UAE law.



5.0          Procedure


On the day of joining, the employee shall be provided with electronic punching ID.


To track employee attendance, employees are required to log in and log out at the beginning and end of duty hours.


Technical difficulties in the process should be communicated to Human Resources Department and coordinated with the technical team in IT Department to rectify.


Attendance record by manual registers as applicable should be adhered by employee.

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