Free Sample Banking Accountant Job Description
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Sample Banking Accountant Job Description

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Accountant (Banking)


Accountant (Banking)


John Doe


Finance and Accounts


Company ABC


City ABC


June 28, 2013

Approval Signatures:

Incumbent                           Deputy General Manager


This position is responsible for recording and tracking all receipts (income) and bank related transactions. This position administers the payroll of Company ABC and ensures tax compliance as per guidelines and government requirements.

This position is required to provide direct supervision to the Cashier, including review of all receipt transactions, reconciliation of bank statements and effecting payments to suppliers.


Total ABC Staff:             52

Total Budget                  13,632,993,292

Total Revenues              13,937,536,891


This position reports to the Senior Accountant and receives verbal direction from this individual.

This position supervises and directs:

·         Accounts Assistant (2): Writing cheques and debtors follow up

·         Cashier (1): Receive Cash and Cheque Payments, Petty Cash Payments

This position provides indirect guidance to:

·         Cashier: How to use spreadsheets to generate reports

·         Procurement Officer: Information on daily foreign exchange rates

This position receives indirect guidance from:

·         Head of Finance and Accounts: Setting deadlines for particular tasks

·         Senior Accountant: How to organise the bank reconciliation report (technical)

·         Procurement Officer: Information on foreign supplier payment terms


Freedom to Act:

This position has work originating from:

·         Administration

·         PMS

·         TSD

·         PU

·         Accounts

This position provides work to the following individuals, groups and/or departments:

·         Head of Finance and Accounts

·         Senior Accountant

The work performed by this position is typically reviewed or approved while in progress by the Senior Accountant.

The work performed by this position is typically reviewed or approved when completed by the Head of Finance and Accounts.

This position has access to the following procedures and/or manuals to assist with completing his/her work:

·         Computation of tax returns

·         Financial Procedures


The position encounters frequent problems related to:

  • Significant differences between bank statements and cashbook Given the high level of transactions, isolating those particular figures that are the cause of imbalance takes a long time

The most difficult problems this position encounters include:

·         Distinguishing between a product that zero tax rated from other

This position has access to a supervisor and/or other employees in order to resolve the following problem(s):

·         Established differences on the bank statement that are consequence of wrong posting by the bank


This position has contact with the following individuals, departments and/or external contacts on the following basis:

·         Administrative Officer: to provide clarification on which utility bills to pay on a monthly basis

·         Bank of Uganda, World Vision, Cashiers/Accountant: to collect cheque payments to Company ABC on a monthly or more frequent basis

·         Local Suppliers: to request suppliers to pick up their cheque payments on a weekly basis

·         Revenue Authority (URA): to pay tax bills

·         National Social Security Fund (NSSF): to submit staff contributions and follow up on staff queries


·         Ensure that Company ABC is in compliance with all tax regulations

o         computing and submitting Vat, PAYE and NSSF returns to the relevant authorities

·         Ensure that all Company ABC staff get paid accurately and on time

    • Compiling payroll

o        Writing cheque payments and get the signed by the relevant signatories

o        Delivering pay cheques to staff

·         Ensure that cash balances in the bank are accurate and maintained at a healthy balance

o        Banking of cheque payments

o        Posting of cheque payments into the system

o        Receive bank statements and reconcile them with cash book figures

·         Ensure that petty cash payments made by the cashier are correct

o        Review the reimbursement report for arithmetic accuracy

o        Check and verify payment vouchers and the supporting documents

·         Ensure that management gets an accurate picture of total monthly receipts

o         computing and classifying all receipts of the cash flow statement

o        Prepare all Telegraphic Transfer payments for foreign suppliers

·         Other duties

o        Physical stock taking and recording

o        Invoicing

o        Creating and posting credit notes

o        IT support

o        Support role to other accounting positions in their absence

·         Provide reports to the following individuals, departments and/or external contacts on the following basis

o        Bank reconciliation report to Senior Accountant to check and verify bank balances and transactions on a monthly basis

o        Cash flow report to portray the receipts side of the cash flow on monthly basis

o        Vat report to show the net VAT status for the period on a monthly basis


This position requires walking in town while delivering documents, 2 hours per day, and twice a week.


Internal promotion scale

Diploma in the relevant field or equivalent

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