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Sample Business Travel Policy

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Business Travel

Policy Rationale

This plan provides employees traveling on ABC business with worldwide accidental death and dismemberment insurance.


Coverage includes accidents that arise while traveling on ABC business.  Travel does not include normal commuting.


All employees are automatically covered upon date of hire.  Claims are submitted to the Benefits division of Human Resources.  The Benefits Division completes any required ABC documents and forwards all claims to the insurer.

Coverage Exclusions:

·         Normal commuting to and from work.

·         Suicide and any injury resulting from attempted suicide are not covered.

·         Participation in a riot.

·         Service in the Armed Forces or Reserves.

·         Employee pilots piloting any aircraft on ABC business.

Termination of Coverage

Coverage ceases upon termination of employment.

Amount of Insurance

The principal sum payable under the policy is enter amount here.


ABC pays  of the premium cost.


While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above summary, the actual Plan text will prevail in the event of any discrepancy as this policy does not constitute a legal document.

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