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Sample Chairman of the Board Job Description

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 JOB DESCRIPTION: Chairman of the Board


1. Job title:

  • Chairman of the board


2. Main duties:

  • Formal leadership of the board of directors
  • Acquires information and informs the board
  • Ensures that the board works as a team and that it fulfills its duties
  • Represents the company and the board of the directors externally


3. Job title of the immediate supervisor:

  • Board of directors


4. Job titles of the immediate subordinates:

  • Members of the EM (in the capacity as representative of the whole board)
  • Board Secretary
  • Internal Auditor


5. The job holder will represent:

  • The interests of the company in the board of directors and to shareholders


6. In case of absence, the job holder will be acted for by:

  • Vice chairman of the board of directors


7. Special powers / responsibilities:

  • Joint dual signing authority
  • Investment decisions according to Allocation of Authority diagram
  • Confirms with his or her signature the completeness and accuracy of the BOD and AGM
  • Responsibility for the implementation of board resolutions and decisions
  • Responsible for ensuring that the board, when carrying out its duties, complies with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Ensures proper functioning of the board of directors


8. Responsibilities:

  • Convening of the board, setting of the agenda and delivery of material documents
  • Signing of employment contacts, issuing of references and dismissal of members of EM
  • Supervision regarding implementation of decisions on pay and qualifications system in     accordance with the Allocation of Authority
  • Timely invitation to and proper running of the AGM
  • Conducting of the BOD meetings
  • Monitoring the execution of the AGM resolutions
  • Annual evaluation of the board of directors
  • Responsibility for training and continuing education of the BOD members
  • Responsibility for proper composition and efficient work of the committees
  • Control and proper management of the share register
  • Granting of authority to sign
  • Ensures that all necessary information is forwarded to the members of the BOD
  • Approval of requests for information, inspection and right to access information (if not already  provided for in the articles of incorporation)
  • In case of a tie, the chairman has the deciding vote
  • Final editing and singing of all regulations at board level
  • Checking and signing of the BOD and AGM minutes
  • Mediation role if disagreements occur within the EM
  • Leadership and decisions-making in crisis situations
  • Decision about special meetings and telephone conferences
  • Singing of registration and changes in the commercial register
  • Consideration of the ownersâ  strategy in the formulation and implementation of strategic   directives of the board of directors
  • Responsibility for the election of a vice chairman and ensuring that he or she is ready to take on the duties of the chairman at any time
  • Setting of the objectives for the EM and Remuneration Committee
  • Responsibility for training and continuing education of the board of directors
  • Leads and improves the skills of his immediate subordinates
  • Annual reporting to auditors regarding any current litigation 9. Requirements:


Personal Competencies

  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Charisma
  • Independence
  • Authority
  • Commitment
  • Assertiveness and resilience
  • Service orientation
  • Customer focus
  • Resilience
  • Initiative


Social Competencies

  • Team work
  • Capacity to integrate well
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Negotiation skills


Leadership Competencies

  • Leadership experience
  • Leadership skills
  • Strong skills in conflict management
  • Assertiveness and leadership
  • Decisiveness


Conceptual skills

  • Entrepreneurial thinking and action
  • Analytical skills
  • Strategist


Professional Competencies

  • Knowledge and experience of management principles, cycles and processes
  • Industry knowledge
  • Knowledge of English and French
  • Familiarity with finance and accounting principles
  • Knowledge of legal and economic context and principles Others
  • No personal or contractual relationships with competitors
  • Reputation, Credibility


In effect as of:


Job holder:


On behalf of XYZ Company:





Chairman of the board of directors



____________________________                       ______________________

Signature                                                          DD/MM/YYYY







Vice chairwoman of the board of directors



____________________________                       ______________________

Signature                                                          DD/MM/YYYY







Board member



____________________________                       ______________________

Signature                                                          DD/MM/YYYY



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