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Sample Citizenship Eligibility Policy

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[   ]  Senior Management Team

[   ]  Vice President

Source:  Administration

Date Reaffirmed:

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1.     POLICY

·         Prospective employees must either be a Enter Country Name citizen, a landed immigrant or hold a valid work visa.


·         Human Resources must approve appointing candidates who do not meet these requirements on an exception basis only.

2.     PURPOSE


·         To ensure only applicants that are legally entitled to work in Enter Country Name are considered.


·         To ensure all available options are explored before positions are advertised internationally.

·         To ensure exceptions are handled and approved consistently by Human Resources.

·         To determine the role of Human Resources, Managers and employees in obtaining work visas.


·         Manager

·         Notifies Human Resources that a qualified applicant from Enter Country Name cannot be found to fill a position.


·         Requests that a candidate from outside of Enter Country Name be recruited for the position.

·         Provides Human Resources with all the relevant position and applicant information, as well as the applicant’s recent job history.

·         Responds to inquires from Immigration as required.


·         Human Resources

·         Receives the request to recruit a foreign worker from the Manager.


·         Confirms relevant position and applicant information, as well as the applicant’s recent job history.

·         Completes the “Application for Foreign Worker” and submits to Enter Immigration Gov.  Agency Name with a copy of letter of offer.

·         Responds to inquiries from Immigration.

·         Handles appeals and requests for extensions on behalf of the prospective employee.

·         Notifies the Manager of approved applications and confirms start and end dates and renewal deadlines.

·         Sends a copy of the Employment Authorization to the Manager.

·         Refers prospective employees to the appropriate immigration office for processing.


·         The Employee

·         Applies for the vacant position.


·         Accepts a verbal offer of employment subject to obtaining a valid work permit.


·         Applies for entrance to Enter Country Name.


·         Reports to Immigration for processing once application is approved.


·         Arranges the start date with the Manager.


·         Utilizes Human Resources if an appeal or renewal of permit is necessary.

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