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Sample Classification Of Jobs Policy

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SUBJECT: Classification of Jobs

PURPOSE: To provide for the correct evaluation, description, and classification for all jobs.

POLICY: It is the policy of Employer ABC that all positions be evaluated, classified, and compensated to ensure equal pay for equal work.  The job description is the document for identifying each position’s pay grade, occupational category, nature of work, primary responsibilities, education and experience requirements, and special skills and abilities.


1.  Responsibility

2.  Assessment

3.  Process

4.  Approval Procedures

5.  Processing Approved Classifications

6.  Departmental Reorganization

7.  Strategy

1.     Responsibility

·         Human Resources is responsible for developing, implementing, and administering the classification program.  Human Resources will conduct classification surveys, perform job audits, prepare and revise job descriptions, evaluate jobs, and allocate positions to the appropriate classification.

·         It is also the responsibility of all managers and supervisors to assist in the administration of the program by initiating the necessary actions to accomplish:

(1)   the establishment of new positions,

(2)   the abolishment of redundant positions,

(3)   the revision of outdated job descriptions, and

(4)   the reclassification of positions where significant or substantial changes in duties and/or responsibilities has occurred.

·         The Director of Human Resources, Divisional Vice President, or Department Head may initiate a job classification action.

2.     Assessment

·         A request for a new position or changes to an existing position must establish the need for the position or the need for change.

·         When submitted to Human Resources for classification or reclassification, the request must include a Position Assessment Form.

3.     Process

·         When a need is identified for a job classification, a written request is submitted to Human Resources for initial review and analysis.  The request must include the basis for the request as well as a Position Assessment Form.

·         After reviewing the request, Human Resources will contact the requesting department to complete a job analysis and prepare a new or revised job description.

·         Human Resources will evaluate the new job description and determine the appropriate title and pay grade.

·         A final approval request is then forwarded to the appropriate Vice President.

4.     Approval Procedures

·         The Divisional Vice President and Human Resources Director have the authority to approve all job classifications.

5.     Processing Approved Classification

·         To process an approved classification, the Divisional Vice President will process an Employment Changes Form to make any change in title and/or pay, or to announce a job vacancy for a new position.

·         If a salary increase is required to bring the incumbent's salary up to the new pay grade minimum, any salary increase above the minimum will be considered a merit increase, and should follow the merit pay procedures.

·         If a salary decrease is required to bring the incumbent's salary within the range of the new pay grade, the incumbent's salary shall be determined by the Department Head and Director of Human Resources.

6.     Departmental Reorganization

·         Departmental reorganizations may or may not necessitate a job classification audit.

·         Employees who move into another job with the same pay grade are con considered to have made a lateral move and the incumbent maintains the same rate of pay.

·         When reorganization requires a change to a job with a different pay grade level or occupational category, job analysis is conducted to verify proper classification.  If reorganization results in moving an employee to a lower pay grade, their salary should be set at a rate within the new pay range as determined by the Department Head and Director of Human Resources.

·         Department Heads must first obtain approval of the Vice President and Director of Human Resources for any reorganization that will result in a change of pay or title for an employee.

7.     Staff Classification Strategy

·         Human Resources continuously reviews and monitors current jobs and pay grades.

·         The Director of Human Resources may adjust the pay grades to maintain competitive pay scales within the appropriate labor market.  Any necessary salary changes will be coordinated through the appropriate Department Head.

·         Upon request, Divisional Vice Presidents will be given reports identifying employees paid above and below their designated pay range.  These reports can be used to determine if a classification review is warranted or if an incumbent should be promoted because they are at the top of their pay range.

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