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Sample Company Car Policy

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Company Car Policy


The guidelines below govern the proper use and outline the administration of company vehicles that are permanently allocated to employees. All employees who are entitled to use a company car are to make themselves thoroughly familiar with these guidelines.



It is the responsibility of each driver to ensure that their company vehicle is kept clean and filled with petrol. A Company Car should not be returned with less than a quarter tank of petrol.


Vehicle Replacement period, Service Intervals and Maintenance Costs Vehicles shall be replaced at managementâ s discretion. The company may at any stage withdraw the benefit of the company vehicle or replace the vehicle with another vehicle of a different make or class.


It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure their Company Car is serviced within the prescribed service interval applicable to the make and model of their car. This information can normally be found in the service log book for each vehicle.


The following shall apply in respect of Vehicle Services and Maintenance:

  • All Vehicle services must be with an approved supplier after written approval is received from your immediate superior
  • If there is no approved supplier within reasonable distance then the driver must follow procedure in accordance with the Trustco Procurement policy
  • At least 3 quotes from 3 different suppliers must be submitted to your immediate superior prior to a supplier being selected
  • Management will have the final decision over which supplier to use; written approval must be obtained prior to accepting the quote
  • The Driver must ensure that the supplier is an authorized Car Service Provider and is able to Stamp your Service Book
  • All service and maintenance related invoices must be made out to the Company Name with VAT clearly allocated
  • The driver is to ensure that the Service Log book is stamped by an approved vehicle service provider for every service and the Odometer reading recorded
  • Routine repairs, maintenance and services, not covered by the Motor Plan shall be borne by the Company
  • The driver will be responsible for the costs of any repair or maintenance declined by the manufacturer on the basis that the vehicle was not serviced at the determined interval where the employee failed to service the vehicle within the prescribed interval or failed to ensure the Fleet Management Department made the necessary arrangements for the vehicle to be serviced
  • The Employee shall be liable for the cost to repair any damages to the upholstery and interior of the vehicle
  • It is the duty of the driver to ensure that the vehicle is maintained in good condition; fair wear and tear excepted
  • It is the duty of the driver to ensure that the vehicle is cleaned and vacuumed at least once a month; this cost shall be for the drivers account



Driving a Company Vehicle without a valid Drivers License is prohibited; all related fines will be for the employees account.


Company Cars may be used for:

  • Company business during normal working hours
  • All long distance travel for business which does not fall within the scope of your normal regions requires prior approval from your immediate manager
  • After normal working hours for personal travel within reasonable distance
  • For personal travel of more than 200km per journey; prior approval from your immediate manager is required



Approval for Use

  • Day use: Immediate Superior
  • Overnight or weekend use: Immediate Superior


Logbooks must be maintained in the vehicle to record the approval details.


Note: Approval process can be sub delegated to an appropriate position within the organization by the responsible person noted above or their delegate.



Garaging of pool vehicle

Pool vehicles must be grounded in their designated garage unless alternative arrangements are approved by the responsible person noted above or their delegate.


Please note that a motor vehicle fringe benefits tax (FBT) liability may arise if a pool motor vehicle is consistently garaged at an employees house and is not classified as â tool tradeâ  motor vehicle i.e. commercial vehicle.



Inspection of Company Cars

The Fleet Administrator, Financial Services will inspect the Company Car(s) at regular intervals (at least quarterly) to ensure they are appropriately maintained.



Illegal offences

Fines for speeding, parking (commercial registration may not necessarily permit parking in loading zones), etc., offences are to be paid by the driver, including those incurred when on company business .

Note: All damages and costs associated with an accident where driver is under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol will be borne by the driver.



Mobile phone use in company cars

When driving, hands free option must be utilized when using a mobile phone. Aside from the safety aspect, it is illegal to use a mobile phone without the hands free option when driving. Prosecution can prove costly.


Note: Any prosecution resulting from illegal usage will be the sole responsibility of the employee concerned and may result in the withdrawal of the facility.



Smoking in company cars

Smoking is prohibited in all Company Cars.



Mechanical repairs

Arrange for repairs to be carried out by the car dealer based upon the warranty arrangement between RMIT and the dealer.


Note: If repairs are required to be carried out by a party other than the dealer, approval should be obtained from the Fleet Administrator, Financial Services.


Car service, petrol and car wash expenses A Custom Fleet card is assigned to every Company Car. It should be used for purchase of petrol and other incidental expenses including car service and car wash expenses.


The pool vehicle’s odometer reading must be quoted when refuelling.


Branch manager or Head of School will monitor petrol usage and other incidental expenses on a monthly basis.




Sheen Panel Services (1800 622 120) is the approved service provider. Please contact the service provides for the rectification of vehicle damage resulting from accidents.


Sheen Panel Service will handle everything including repairs and insurance claims lodgement. If required, they will provide a replacement vehicle for the duration the vehicle is being repaired.



Theft (vehicle or contents)

  • Report the theft to the Police and retain statement for lodgement with CGU insurance (1300 550 193)
  • Advise department head / branch manager of occurrence
  • Key contacts
    • Fleet Administrator, ext 50610
    • Executive Director Financial Services, ext 50643

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