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Sample Company Car Policy and Scheme

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To provide comfortable means of transport to the employees in the Middle Management Grade and above, in line with their position and social status.


The grade-wise entitlement of cars will be as under:

Grade   Maximum HP     Petrol

Entitlements      Parking Charges                Insurance            Driver    Driverâ s salary (Max.)

TM         1600 CC 150 Litres             Actual   Actual   Applicable           Rs 5000 pm

SM         1300 CC 150 Litres             Actual   Actual   Applicable           Rs 5000 pm

MM       1000 CC 150 litres              Actual   Actual   Not Applicable  No Reimbursements

Limit on Maintenance (per annum) :

Grade   Maximum HP     1-3 years

(in Rs.)  3-5 years

(in Rs.)

TM         1600 CC Rs. 10000             Rs.25000

SM         1300 CC Rs. 7500                Rs.20000

MM       1000 CC Rs. 5000                Rs.15000

The cost of the car will include the bare minimum accessories required for the car and the same shall be decided, finalized and approved by the Management / Finance / Administration Department.

Unless in exceptional cases, henceforth purchase of Car will be a part of the Cost to the Company (CTC). This policy is applicable to those employees falling in the Grade of TM, SM and MM, where the Company has Agreed to provide the car and is included in the CTC.

The petrol Limit is provided to cover the fuel expenses incurred for traveling from residence to office and back. This limit also covers the fuel expenses to be incurred on official visits.

Petrol, Maintenance, Insurance and Driver Expenses will be as per the above mentioned table.

In case of any additional fuel expenses incurred and claimed for official purposes, the Head of Department has to justify.

The servicing of Cars should be done only on Holidays and weekends as it will not affect the Executives during the week.

The Administration Department is not liable to provide any replacement vehicle in case of breakdowns, servicing or maintenance of the Vehicle.


The concerned executives covered in Grade of SM and TM will hire their Personal Driver within the limit of the salary in the above mentioned table. The company will reimburse the salary to the concerned Executive, who in turn will pay the salary to the driver. The company shall not be responsible or liable to pay for any expenses incurred on personal account such as working on holidays or extra hours.

In case the personal driver of the executive proceeds on leave or quits the job, the Administration Department is not liable and responsible for making arrangements for replacement in case the driver proceeds on leave or quits the job.

In case of the Company Drivers, the Administration Department should be provided sufficient time (notice period of at least 1 (one) month) to make a suitable replacement in case the driver proceeds on leave or quits the job.

The Company is not liable and responsible to reimburse the mobile facility for any drivers who are either personal or on the rolls of the Company. In case the executive feels the need that the mobile facility is needed for the driver, it would be the personal responsibility of the executive.  This is applicable to those employees under the Grades of TM and SM where it has been agreed to reimburse the driverâ s salary. 

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