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Regular full-time and part-time employees.


Employer ABC recognizes the importance, contribution and performance of its employees in achieving and supporting the organization's mission.  Employer ABC is committed to maintaining a compensation policy that ensures equitable job and position evaluation, competitive pay, and performance-based pay increases.

ABC’s compensation policy is designed to create an environment that will:

·         Attract, develop, retain, and reward high quality employees.

·         Provide for internal equity by consistently evaluating jobs and pay programs.

·         Pay salaries that are competitive with similar employment in the labor markets.

·         Reward employees on the basis of individual and team performance towards ABC's missions.

·         Plan for and respond to changes in the design and performance of work at ABC and in the marketplace.

·         Comply with all state and federal laws and regulations.


The Compensation Policy, including strategy and pay-for-performance, is the responsibility of Senior Leadership and Human Resources and program responsibilities rest with Human Resources.  Periodically, Human Resources will review the policy’s overall effectiveness.

Senior Leadership, in consultation with Human Resources, will ensure that each job description accurately reflects its true responsibilities, essential functions and required qualifications.

Senior Leadership, in consultation with Human Resources will monitor and analyze their ability to adhere to the Compensation Policy.  This will ensure that an appropriate relationship exists between position description, pay band, performance assessment, and pay increases.

Senior Leadership, in consultation with Human Resource will consistently inform employees about the Compensation Policy so that all employees are aware of the basis for their compensation.

Employer ABC reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.

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