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Sample Computer Usage Policy

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Computer Usage

Access to computer facilities and networks is granted subject to local, state, and federal laws and Employer ABC policies.  Following acceptable use is ethical, honest, and shows restraint in the consumption of shared resources.  It demonstrates respect for electronic property, ownership of data and system security mechanisms, and individuals' rights to privacy.

Employees are responsible for all usage on their account(s).  Employees must protect their password(s).  Employees shall not use another individual’s account under any circumstances.

·         Account(s) may only be used for the intended purpose.  Accounts may not be used for personal or financial gain, such as working for profit.

·         Copying or modifying any ABC-owned software without approval from authorized personnel is strictly prohibited.

·         Engaging in activities that damage or disrupt hardware or communications, waste system resources, and overloading networks with excessive data is strictly prohibited.  An example is creating viruses.

·         Monopolizing or misusing system resources by requesting multiple copies from printers or by playing games is strictly prohibited.

·         Transmitting offensive, annoying, or harassing material, such as broadcasting unsolicited messages or sending unwanted mail is strictly prohibited.

Employer ABC intends to protect the civil, personal, and property rights of staff as well as and records that are maintained on its computer systems.

Any violation of this policy is a serious offense.  System users have no expectation of privacy and Employer ABC reserves the right to copy and examine any files or information on its systems.  Inappropriate conduct involving the use of these resources may result in revocation of computer usage privileges and is subject to disciplinary action under existing policies and regulations.  Such conduct may also be subject to criminal or civil legal action.

I have read or have been made aware of the acceptable use policy of Employer ABC.  I agree to abide by the terms of this policy.  I further understand it is my responsibility to keep my password secret and accept full responsibility for this account.  This account will automatically be deleted upon my termination as an employee.  By signing below I agree to comply with the above guidelines.

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