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Sample Confidential Human Resources Information Policy

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1.     POLICY

·         Any employment and performance information is confidential and shall be released only to those parties who can demonstrate a bona fide need for such information.

·         All Human Resources staff can share confidential information with others only to the extent necessary to perform their role as a Human Resources employee.

·         Human Resources employees are expected to handle confidential information objectively, with tact, courtesy and consideration.

·         Releasing salary information to outside agencies will only be released with the written consent of the employee.

2.     PURPOSE

·         To ensure confidentiality of sensitive personal employment information.

·         To restrict unnecessary sharing of confidential information.

·         To develop a consistent approval process for non-routine requests for confidential information.


·         All new and existing Human Resources employees shall be made aware of this policy.

·         Any confidential information shall remain in a secure location (office with lockable door, locking file cabinet or similar).

·         Confidential information shared within Human Resources shall be done on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.  All parties exposed to this information will treat the information as confidential at all times.

·         Routine requests for confidential information from managers and supervisors shall be handled professionally and objectively.  If documentation is requested, the documents are to be placed in a sealed envelope marked ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ and addressed directly to the recipient.

·         Requests for confidential information external to Employer ABC, other than reference checks, shall be directed to Human Resources.

·         Discarded confidential information shall be placed in a secured recycling bin or shredded.

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