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To: All staff

From: Dan Doe

Date: November 3, 2015

Re: Construction Safety Precautions

Below is an update on the construction safety precautions now in place for Construction Situation ABC. We have completed a site inspection this morning and we have received the green light to resume construction of the new Building ABC.

Last week, construction was halted after a potentially serious incident. No one was in the immediate area at the time, and no one was hurt. A safety investigation immediately began into what occurred, with some immediate corrective actions being identified and implemented.

Company ABC did ask for a more comprehensive safety plan from Construction Company XYZ in light of this incident. Construction Company XYZ has spent the last few days reviewing this event and assessing the safety of the construction site overall. This additional safety review was completed with all levels of Construction Company XYZ management including senior managers, project managers, superintendents, safety officers and foremen.

On Thursday afternoon, Construction Company XYZ presented their safety plan to all Company ABC senior and operational leaders.

Construction Company XYZ was very open and transparent with respect to our concerns. We are confident that with the additional safety measures now proposed, we will be able to better protect employees and clients who are working within just a few metres of this very busy and complex construction site.

Some of these measures include:

the creation of a control zone between the construction area, Building ABC and surrounding traffic;
placing plywood across windows facing the construction site on the ground and main floor of Building ABC; this will help prevent the possibility of debris hitting those windows.
expanding field level risk assessment for each construction worker to review not only risks that could cause harm to each worker, but to identify risks where a construction worker could cause harm to those working within Building ABC and walking near the construction zone;
establishing a safety committee of both Construction Company XYZ and Saskatoon Health Region personnel to review upcoming construction activities, the potential safety implications and to put in actions to mitigate those safety risks; and.

This morning, Construction Company XYZ reviewed the incident with their crews, along with their comprehensive safety plan, and conducted training on changes to their process for field level risk assessment. They also started to put in place concrete barriers for a control zone between the construction site and Building ABC.

With these new measures in place, it is now safe for construction to resume. We will have some tough choices ahead as we put safety ahead of convenience, and we know being inconvenienced isn’t always easy.

Keeping people safe isn’t just another task, it’s essential. We need to be diligent when incidents happen or when harm results, and in predicting what might happen and preventing it from happening in the first place.

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