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Sample Deputy General Manager Job Description

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Deputy General Manager


Deputy General Manager


Donna Doe




Company ABC


City ABC


June 28, 2013

Approval Signatures:


Incumbent                           General Manager


This position is responsible for ensuring that Company ABC runs efficiently and effectively by achieving its mission and objectives, and the Operations and Human Resources functions are properly managed.

This position is required to develop sound strategies, policies and procedures, including effective monitoring and evaluation systems.


Total ABC Staff:             52

Total Budget                  13,632,993,292

Total Revenues              13,937,536,891


This position reports to the General Manager and receives written and verbal direction from this individual.

This position supervises and directs:

·         Head of Technical Services Department (1): Manages the Technical Services Department

·         Head of Production Unit (1): Manages the Production Unit

·         Head of PMS (1): Manages the Pharmaceutical Store

·         Communication and Development Officer (1): Responsible for Research and Dissemination of information within Company ABC about medicines

This position provides indirect guidance to:

·         Administrative Officer: Administrative issues

·         Dispatch Officers: Procedural issues e.g. how to handle the dispatch desk efficiently

·         Stores and Logistics Officer: Inventory related issues

·         Head of Procurement: Issues to do with NDA, URA, Procurement of Lab supplies

·         Senior Sales Officer: Procedural, handling of special clients/ special requests

This position receives indirect guidance from:

·         Head of Procurement: Operational issues

·         Head of Finance and Accounts: Handling of financial issues

·         Management Tekamah related issues since policies are not yet completely developed

·         Head of PMS; Stores and Logistics Officer; Dispatch Officers; Receiving Officer; Store Assistants: Inventory management issues


Freedom to Act:

This position has work originating from:

·         PMS

·         TSD

·         PU

·         Administration

This position provides work to the following individuals, groups and/or departments:

·         PMS

·         TSD

·         PU

·         Administration

The work performed by this position is typically reviewed or approved while in progress by the following individual(s):

·         General Manager

·         Management Team

·         Self

The work performed by this position is typically reviewed or approved when completed by the following individual(s):

·         Management Team

·         General Manager

·         Board of Directors

This position has access to the following procedures and/or manuals to assist with completing his/her work:

·         Finance Guidelines

·         PMS Manual Operations

·         Company ABC Action Plan and Action Letter

·         Company ABC Business Plan

·         Company ABC Constitution


The position encounters frequent problems related to:

  • Inventory related e.g. stock that cannot be found in the stores
  • Compliance with some of the NDA guidelines and yet meet the needs of the customers
  • Failures by staff to comply with agreed guidelines e.g. missing stocks due to poor data entry in the system; goods returned by customers because staff by passed procedures and necessary checks were bypassed

The most difficult problems this position encounters include:

·         Related to managing people who are at a senior level in Company ABC. Communications is not easy, and getting them to see and accept their mistakes, and work towards a plausible solution

This position has access to a supervisor and/or other employees in order to resolve the following problem(s):

·         Contracting for major jobs/consultancies

·         General advice on internal and External Relationships

·         Staff IT training issues, computer related problems


This position has contact with the following individuals, departments and/or external contacts on the following basis:

·         Head of Finance and Accounts, Finance Department: to clarify policy, on a daily basis

·         Head of Procurement: To discuss sources of products and general procurement operations on a daily basis

·         Administrative Officer: To discuss staff welfare related issues, on a daily basis

·         Heads of PMS, TSD and PU: To discuss general operational issues, on a daily basis

·         IT Officer: To discuss IT planning for staff training, on a bi-weekly basis

·         IDA, Pharmacist: To discuss registration of drugs, on a semi-annual basis

·         Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB), Commissioner: To represent Company ABC at meetings, on a semi-annual basis

·         Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network (EPN), Board: To represent Company ABC as a member of the board of directors, three times per year

·         United Nations Task Force on Access to Essential Medicines (UNFAEM), Member: To discuss policy issues relating to access to medicines, on a semi-annual basis with e-mail discussion between

·         Service Providers: To support work carried out for Company ABC

·         EPN, CFP: To represent Company ABC as a CFP, on an annual basis

·         National Drug Authority (NDA): To discuss import and export verification, licensing and registration

·         Ministry of Health (MOH): To review technical aspects of MOH, follow up on orders when obstacles arise, research teams, national task force on internships, Drug Management National Committee for the selection of Essential Drugs (NCSED) as a committee member


·         Ensure compliance by Company ABC of the professional legal requirements for the import, export and sale of medicines

o         Review and sign all proforma invoice (Regulation by the NDA) and correspondence with the National Drug Authority (NDA)

o         Development of policies and procedures for proper handling of medicines in Company ABC

o         Informing all staff about laws and professional guidelines, and monitoring of compliance to procedures

·         Develop a strategic framework of pharmaceutical activities that Company ABC will be engaged in holding of regular meetings with pharmaceutical staff

o         Conducting regular information gathering activities

·         Ensure that the HR function in Company ABC is properly managed in line with the organization objectives

o         Develop and implement procedures for recruitment, staff appraisal, staff termination and remuneration

·         Oversee of Company ABC operations (Pharmacy Main Store, Technical Services Department and Production Unit) to ensure that they operate efficiently and effectively in line with organization objectives

o         Regular physical inspections/visits to the departments

o         Reviewing periodic reports from he departments

o         Initiate and develop operational procedures

·         Oversee the activities of the Communications and development Officer

o         Planning of activities

o         Offering technical support

o         Monitoring of the officer activities

·         Ensure that expenditures are in line with financial guidelines and budget

o         Signatory to authorising of expenditures

o         Reviewing financial management reports

·         Ensure that Company ABC as a whole is professionally run and meeting its objectives, and working in line with the mission

o         Initiating, discussing and approving policy and procedures in the management meeting

o         Review of strategic plan and reports

·         Deputising the General Manager

·         Provide reports to the following individuals, departments and/or external contacts on the following basis:

o         General activities, on a weekly basis

o         HR issues, on a weekly basis

o         Issues to do with contracts, problems, training, on a weekly basis

o         Review of staff performance, on an annual basis

o         All pharmaceutical issues, on an on-going basis


This position is subject to high workload and meeting deadlines, which is partially offset by working weekends and delegating, typically 1 to 2 days a month.


Bachelors degree, Post Graduate Degree and experience

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