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Sample Director Of Finance Job Description

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Company ABC

Job Description

POSITION:                 Director of Finance                INCUMBENT:

DIVISION:                   Human Resources                 ORGANIZATION:       Company ABC

LOCATION:                City ABC                                 DATE:                         Month ABC/01            

Approval Signatures:


Incumbent                                                                   Director


Designs, develops, directs and coordinates the operating, capital and revenue budgets, financial services, financial reporting and analysis, and internal controls.  Develops, directs and coordinates system controls for budget plans, expenditure control, timely, accurate financial and statistical reporting, and asset management and performance evaluation.

JOB MAGNITUDE (Annualized):

Total Company ABC Staff:                             1,000

Total Budget                                                    $60M

Department Staff                                            14

Department Budget                                        $500,000


The Director reports to the Vice President of Finance.

There are 14 full time positions reporting to the Director of Finance:

1 Manager of Accounts Receivable: Prepares timely and accurate financial and statistical information.  Maintains an efficient and accurate client billing and accounts receivable system.

1 Manager of Accounts Payable: Prepares timely and accurate financial and statistical information.  Maintains an efficient and accurate client billing and accounts payable system.

1 Confidential Secretary: Provides secretarial support to the Director, distributes financial reports and correspondence, orders office supplies and receives and distributes incoming mail.

1 Manager of Finance: Provides financial services for all ABC departments.  Supervises, directs and audits the financial operations of the Accounting Department.  Prepares timely and accurate financial and statistical information and assists with annual strategic and business planning.

4 Financial Management Advisors: Provide financial and management advisory services to all ABC departments.  Develop budgets for ABC’s financial plan and is responsible producing financial and statistical reports relating to expenditure control and asset management.


Finance identifies, measures, accumulates, analyses, prepares, interprets and communicates the financial information used by managers to plan, evaluate and control ABC's resources.  This is accomplished by:

·         Preparing reports detailing current operations and ABC’s financial position.

·         Preparing reports to control resources and recommend areas requiring improvement.

·         Preparing reports that analyze ABC’s operations.

With an environment that is constantly changing, Finance is under pressure to consolidate all of ABC’s financial information.

Major Functions:

Forecast’s ABC’s financial position.

Prepares reports on the current and projected financial solvency of ABC.

Determines, prepares and maintains the annual operating expenditure requirements for each department manager.

Designs, models, develops and implements tools to assist managers with decision making, including budgeting, reporting, costing, operational review and forecasting.

Prepares and implements all operating, capital and revenue budgets for ABC.   The information produced is the basis for ABC’s Financial Plan.

Reviews departmental requests for cost allocation and budget revisions.

Continuously evaluates the financial statement preparation and budgeting process in order to increase operational efficiency, enhance internal controls and provide better information.

Plans and completes the annual audit and all related financial and statistical reporting.

Ensures that ABC’s financial reporting adheres to GAAP and that internal controls meet generally accepted auditing guidelines.

Performs all Treasury functions for ABC, including controlling cash disbursements and monitoring cash flow.

Coordinates, designs, implements and maintains the financial reporting system.

Develops and prepares financial management and accounting policies and procedures.  Involves analyzing and evaluating research findings, making recommendations and producing policy documents.

Reviews, analyses and interprets contractual long-term financial obligations of ABC.

Standardizes payroll administration.

Ensures compliance with all legal and statutory requirements and union contracts.

Develops, implements and evaluates Payroll objectives, policies, procedures and standards.

Evaluates acquisition and/or divestiture proposals presented to ABC, and provides advice to Senior Management.

Reviews financial work processes and policies and procedures in other departments in order to improve efficiency.

Sets long and short-term goals for the Finance Division.

Is the resource for all managers regarding departmental costs and budgets.

Leads the development, implementation, execution and evaluation of education and training materials.  Presents seminars for all managers in the areas of financial reporting, budgeting and payroll reporting.

Represents Finance on working groups and committees and assigns internal committee work to Finance staff as required.

Major Challenges:

Expected to meet constant, strict deadlines and to respond to unexpected changes.

Must diplomatically address situations where managers feel their department is negatively affected by the budget and financial reporting process.

Required to continuously monitor ABC’s financial position to ensure adequate daily cash flow.

Must adapt to different payroll and general ledger computer systems.

Prepares information required for major decisions, making calculation errors significant.  ABC’s complex and ever changing environment makes this task particularly challenging

Must adhere to sound business practices when faced with an extremely political environment.

Lack of structured solutions and procedures for many of the problems encountered.


Has frequent contact with all levels of management for budgets, costing and projects.

Has frequent contact with external auditors to plan and efficiently complete the annual audit.

Has frequent contact with various banking and investment officers regarding cash flow, investments, signing officers and banking policies.

Has infrequent contact with the IRS for regarding Federal tax laws.


·         Plans, coordinates and develops short and long term operating, capital and revenue budgets and financial reporting and forecasting systems

·         Provides accurate financial advice to managers.

·         Resolves organizational and divisional financial problems.

·         Develops and/or improves budgeting and financial reporting systems and financial policies and procedures.

·         Reviews financial policies, procedures and work processes in all departments.

·         Analyses financial proposals as required.

·         Ensure that applying appropriate internal controls safeguards ABC assets.

·         Provides budgeting and accounting education seminars to all managers, focusing on preparation, interpretation and problem solving.

·         Ensures Finance's objectives are met by acquiring, developing and motivating staff.


Little requirement for physical exertion and generally involves a normal office environment.

Long periods of daily focused attention on computer screens.

Operates under strict deadlines that must be met.  Deadline-induced mental stress is frequent.

Frequent interruptions to workflow.


Professional Accounting Designation.

Ten years experience in a Finance department at the management level.


·         Superior working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet and database software.

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

·         Excellent organization skills.

·         Excellent interpersonal skills.  Required to work with all management levels.

·         Knowledge of Taxation Laws.

·         Strong Analytical skills.

·         Superior working knowledge of generally accepted accounting and auditing principles.

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