Free Sample Director Of Information Telecommunications Job Description
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Sample Director Of Information Telecommunications Job Description

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Information Systems

Company ABC

Job Description

POSITION:                 Director of Information            INCUMBENT:


DIVISION:                   Information Systems               ORGANIZATION:       Company ABC

LOCATION:                City ABC                                 DATE:                         Month ABC/01            

Approval Signatures:


Incumbent                                                                   Director


The Director develops and maintains an effective IS/telecomm organization through office automation, computer system services, data and voice communications.

JOB MAGNITUDE (Annualized):

Total Company ABC Staff:                             1,000

            Total Budget                                                    $60M

Total Department Staff (FTE):                        40

Information Systems Budget:                         $1.5M


The Director reports to the Vice President of Finance.

There are six (6) management positions reporting to the Director: Manager of IS Operations, Manager of Applications, Manager of Projects, Manager of Telecommunications, Manager of Switchboard, and Manager of Technology Opportunities.


The key responsibility of the Director is to track the needs of the corporation and manage its IS investments carefully by maximizing the rate of return and minimizing risk.

Keeping abreast of IS developments in other industries is key as well. The Director maintains relationships with a number of external agencies, corporations and consultants. It is recommended that you list the contacts here.

The Director ensures that the department is committed to service and performance, setting goals that re congruent with key stakeholders, and consistently meeting or exceeding these goals. The Director sets the environment, establishes the roles and responsibilities of each staff member, sets the overall direction of the department, and empowers, coaches and encourages the team to perform.

The Director coaches the management team to establish user groups that guide the tactical operations of each of the major areas of IS.  As a result, the Director develops relationships with the IS managers and manages expectations at all levels in the organization.  A flawed implementation due to a flawed needs-assessment can be costly in terms of time and resources spent.


·         Develops an IS strategic plan, monitors its implementation, evaluates its progress and makes amendments and improvements where necessary.

·         Establishes performance measurements and reports on performance on a regular basis.

·         Clarifies and publishes all services offered by IS.

·         Negotiates levels of service with stakeholders for each service.

·         Set policies and procedures for IS operations

·         Develops the annual IS budget and secures funding.


The position requires minimal physical effort and is not subject to occupational health and safety risks.

Stresses induced by managing high volumes of demands, many conflicting coupled with intense projects with tight deadlines.

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