Free Sample Director Of Labor Relations Job Description
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Sample Director Of Labor Relations Job Description

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Human Resources

Company ABC

Job Description

POSITION:                 Director of Labor                    INCUMBENT:


DIVISION:                   Human Resources                 ORGANIZATION:       Company ABC

LOCATION:                City ABC                                 DATE:                         Month ABC/01            

Approval Signatures:

Incumbent                                                                   Director


The Director plans, develops, organizes and manages labor relations services for Company ABC.  The Director fosters a cooperative labor relations environment consistent with the mission, values and objectives of ABC.

JOB MAGNITUDE (Annualized):

            Total Company ABC Staff:                             1,000

            Total Budget                                                    $60M

Department Staff                                            6

Department Budget                                        $300,000


The Director reports to the Vice President of Human Resources.

There are 12 full time positions reporting to this position:

4 Labor Relations Consultants: Responsible for coordinating and implementing labor relations programs for ABC. Consultants develop policies and procedures and provide technical advice and conflict resolution expertise.

Confidential Secretaries: The Confidential Secretaries provide confidential secretarial support to the Director and professional staff within Labor Relations in order to help them carry out their duties and responsibilities.


The Director ensures the workplace is both positive and effective by providing comprehensive and efficient labor relations services.  Services provided by Labor Relations include:

·         Collective bargaining with each of ABC’s unions

·         Administrating collective agreements, including grievance resolution & conflict resolution

·         Interpreting labor standards

·         Developing and administrating labor relations policies

The Director participates in negotiations as a spokesperson or committee member, prepares and presents recommendations to the Board required for ratification, and ensures all agreements are implemented as required.

The work environment is very complex. One major challenge is developing a Human Resources strategy as ABC works through massive organizational change through restructuring and layoffs.  The strategy will involve the consolidation of human resource policies and procedures and continued consultation with managers, senior administration and external stakeholders.

The position is responsible for developing and implementing consistent human resource policies and procedures and providing human resource policy and labor relations advice to managers.

The Director ensures the communication climate between all staff and union representatives is positive and promotes positive labor/management relations. This position takes a proactive approach to problem solving and ensures regular union-management meetings are conducted with each union. The Director develops programs aimed at improving labor relations and solves complex labor relations problems requiring innovative solutions.

The Director hires, supervises, orientates, evaluates, disciplines and dismisses all departmental staff.  The Director establishes and prioritizes goals, objectives, services and continuous quality improvements to service delivery. The Director prepares and monitors the department operating and capital budget and controls all expenditures.


·         Develops and administers labor relations programs, policies and procedures.

·         Ensures ABC is protected in all matters of labor relations.

·         Ensures industrial harmony through prompt, correct and consistent application of the collective agreements.

·         Develops proactive problem solving strategies.

·         Satisfactory negotiates settlement of union agreements.

·         Ensures collective agreements are administered consistently and equitably.

·         Provides sound labor relations advice and assistance to all levels of management.

·         Manages and directs grievance resolution with respect to all collective agreements.

·         Interprets collective agreements and advises the Vice President on the implication for resource management and expenditures for ABC.

·         Develops labor relations skills for managers by developing and implementing training programs.

·         Works with Information Systems to develop and implement an HRIS.

·         Motivates professional labor relations staff who are faced with heavy workloads.

·         Provides quality services within a changing environment and financial restrictions.


·         To develop and maintain a healthy and stable labor relations climate in a very complex and unstable environment.

·         To plan, coordinate, implement and develop sound human resource strategies and policies for a national company with multiple unions.

·         To remain knowledgeable of the most current trends in labor relations in order to provide an effective service to ABC.


Contacts within the organizations include all levels management, union executives and staff. Externally, the Director meets with other human resource professionals to discuss policy and legal issues, and trends.

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