Free Sample Director Of Organizational Development Job Description
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Sample Director Of Organizational Development Job Description

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Organizational Development

Company ABC

Job Description

POSITION:                 Director of Organizational       INCUMBENT:


DIVISION:                   Organizational                         ORGANIZATION:       Company ABC


LOCATION:                City ABC                                 DATE:                         Month ABC/01            

Approval Signatures: 


Incumbent                                                                   Director


The Director of Organizational Development is responsible for directing and leading company-wide services in the areas of leadership skill development, staff & organizational development, management improvement, accountability, and employee health & wellness.

JOB MAGNITUDE (Annualized):

Total Company ABC Staff:                             1,000

Total Budget                                                    $60M

Department Staff                                            14

Department Budget                                        $470,000


The Director reports to the Vice President of Human Resources.

There are 14 positions reporting to the Director:

·         6 Consultants

·         2 Confidential Secretaries

·         1 Occupational Health & Safety Manager

·         3 Occupational Health Nurse Consultants

·         2 Administrative Secretaries

Occupational Health & Safety Manager: Implements and evaluates corporate occupational health and safety programs and services for ABC.  Two Occupational Health Nurse Consultants and two Administrative Secretaries report to this position.

Organizational Development Consultants: Plan, develop, implement and evaluate organizational, leadership and training and development programs and services.

Confidential Secretaries: Provide communications, word processing, desktop publishing and database management services for the Department.


Organizational Development (OD) combines several specialized services and provides organization-wide programs and services under a single portfolio: Leadership development, organizational development, management and process improvement and occupational health & safety.

OD provides planning and development support to all levels of staff in order to meet the changing needs of the organization and its clients.

Major Functions:

·         Ensure services are integrated and support company-wide planning.

·         Provide project management support and skills to customers.

·         Develop linkages with key groups that can benefit from developmental services

·         Establish departmental priorities that mesh with company-wide priorities.

·         Meet customer expectations through problem solving, conflict resolution and decision-making.

·         Develop and manage operating capital budgets.

Major Challenges:

·         Providing services/solutions to a wide variety of situations in an increasingly complex organizational environment that is typified by competing agendas, constant changes and scarce resources.

·         Building support and meeting expectations of a diverse customer-base.

·         Anticipating future trends and needs of the organization.

·         Meeting deadlines in a complex environment with constantly changing priorities.

The Director has the freedom to determine appropriate courses of action, guided only by the mission and goals of the organization.

The Director has numerous and frequent contacts with all departments, as well as each level of management.  External contacts include teaching institutions, consultants and health agencies.


·         Provides staff development, management engineering and workplace wellness programs and services.

·         Delivers programs and services to customers that are based on customer expectations and ABC objectives and within budget.

·         Develops leadership expertise by partnering with department supervisors.  This develops a core group of people with the skills required to develop an successful organization.

·         Develops educational and research programs.

·         Encourages, supports and develops linkages with teaching institutions by providing opportunities for internships and participating in teaching opportunities.

·         Contribute to good public relations.

·         Ensure a high level of performance though effective recruitment and development of Department staff members.

·         Operate department within allocated resources and if appropriate exploring opportunities to share resources with other jurisdictions.


Working conditions include personal computer work in an office environment, meetings and travel within and outside the organization.

Frequent adjustments to the hours of work and work activities are required to meet project deadlines or customer needs.  A high level of mental strength is required for analysis and creativity when preparing reports, meetings, presentations and working with diverse groups.

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