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Sample Dispute Resolution Policy

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Dispute Resolution

All staff have recourse to "due process" for the resolution of alleged violations of policies and regulations regarding conditions of employment or grieving disciplinary actions.  This procedure shall constitute the full and exclusive right and remedy for any and all claims.


General Procedures

This procedure is available to any employee.  It does not apply to probationary, student, or temporary employees.

Employees may have another employee’s assistance to help present their case.  Employees who are lawyers or outside lawyers may not serve in this representative role.  Employees may contact Personnel for assistance with respect to representation.

To be valid, a decision of a supervisor, including the CEO, must be acting within the scope of her/ his authority.

The intent of this policy is to resolve issues at the earliest stage possible.  Therefore, an employee with an issue should first informally discuss it with the person who caused the concern.  If the problem is not resolved, and if the employee alleges that College policies or regulations with respect to the conditions of employment have been violated, then the following procedures apply:

Step 1 - Personnel

·         The employee shall, within  weeks of the alleged violation, specify in writing the policy or regulation violated and the specific violation.  The allegation should be signed by the employee and presented to the Director of Personnel and the alleged offender.  Within  weeks of the receipt of the complaint, the Director of Personnel will meet with both parties.  Within  weeks of this meeting, the Director will provide a written decision to both parties and the appropriate Vice President.

Step 2 – Vice President

·         If the issue is not resolved, within  weeks of receipt of the Director’s decision, the employee may appeal to the appropriate Vice President.

·         Within  weeks of receipt of the appeal, the Vice President will meet with both parties and the Director of Personnel.  Within  weeks of this meeting, the Vice President will provide a written decision to both parties, the Director of Personnel and the CEO.

Step 3 – Outside Third Party Consultant

·         If the employee is not satisfied, within  weeks of receipt of the Vice President’s reply, the employee may submit a written request a hearing for an external third party to arbitrate the case.  The requested arbitration shall be scheduled within  weeks of receipt of the arbitration request.

·         The Arbitrator shall give the employee a written answer within  weeks of the hearing.  This decision is final and binding and can only be reversed by the CEO.

Written Decision

A written decision made at any step that is not appealed to the next step by the employee shall be considered a binding and final decision.

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