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Bob Doe






City ABC


June 28, 2013

Approval Signatures:


Incumbent                           Deputy General Manager


This position is responsible for ensuring the proper maintenance of Company ABC vehicles and the on-site generator; the timely delivery and collection of written documents; the procurement process for all departments and safe delivery of staff to their respective destinations.

This position is required to conduct periodic checks of the vehicles, generator, and pigeon box and respond appropriately. This position is expected to purchase items and deliver those items and/or Company ABC staff to their respective destinations.


Total ABC Staff:             52

Total Budget                  13,632,993,292

Total Revenues              13,937,536,891


This position reports to the Administrative Officer and receives written and verbal direction from this individual.

This position does not supervise or direct any staff (no direct reports).

This position receives indirect guidance from:

·         Administrative Officer: the maintenance of the company vehicles and generator, and on instructions from other departments that this position is expected to carry out


Freedom to Act:

This position has work originating from:

·         Procurement

·         Finance and Accounts

·         Pharmaceutical Main Store (PMS)

·         Technical Service Department (TSD)

·         Production Unit (PU)

·         Administration

This position provides work to the following individuals, groups and/or departments:

·         Administration

·         Deputy General Manager

·         Procurement Officer

The work performed by this position is typically reviewed or approved while in progress by the following individual(s):

·         Administrative Officer

The work performed by this position is typically reviewed or approved when completed by the following individual(s):

·         Administrative Officer


The position encounters frequent problems related to:

  • Work load and lack of enough time e.g. having to ensure that all company vehicles are washed and at the same time carry out and complete all my tasks

The most difficult problems this position encounters include:

·         The uncoordinated delivery times for the delivery of written communications to contacts outside of Company ABC. There are no fixed times therefore trips occur throughout the day, making several trips to and from town.

This position has access to a supervisor and/or other employees in order to resolve the following problem(s):

·         Problems related to workload i.e. not having sufficient time to complete all my responsibilities especially washing the vehicles (such problems are taken to the Administrative Officer)


This position does not have any regular internal or external contacts outside the department.


·         Ensure that all 6-company vehicles are serviced in time

o          conducting periodic checks on the service tags

·         Ensure that all 6-company vehicles are refuelled as and when required

o          driving the vehicles to a gas station after being requested by the users of the vehicles

·         Ensure that all 6-company vehicles are clean

o          checking the washing bay for any vehicle that has been parked there for washing

·         Ensure the delivery of any written communications to contacts outside of Company ABC

o          daily checking my pigeon box for letters or reports to be delivered

·         Ensuring the collection of written communications and other items from outside Company ABC

·         Ensuring that the generator is fuelled and serviced in time

o          daily checking my pigeon box for instructions to pick up letters or items from outside Company ABC

·         Ensure that the generator is clean

o          regularly checking the fuel gauge and service tag of the generator

o          regularly washing the generator

·         Purchase items for all Company ABC departments by purchasing items and delivering them to Company ABC as and when required

·         Ensure that the staff of Company ABC are driven safely to their respective destinations

o          carefully driving them to city and upcountry locations


This position is subject to uncomfortable working conditions, such as washing on average one car per day in the hot sun and very dust area. It takes roughly 60 minutes to wash each vehicle. This is done on a daily basis and it lasts 1 hour.

A heavy workload resulting from the continuous need through out the day to deliver communications to contacts outside Company ABC. The condition is severe because the communications have to be delivered at different address in town where the flow of traffic is very heavy. This requires a lot of concentration.

This happens daily and normally lasts for 3 hours.


Relevant experience and training, and as a result of internal promotion

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