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Sample Drug Free Workplace Policy

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Drug-Free Workplace

The use and misuse of drugs and alcohol can threaten Company ABC and its clients.  The possession, use or sale of illegal drugs, (including drug paraphernalia) is prohibited.  The misuse of any legal drugs and/or the use of alcohol, while on Company time or during breaks or meals, is strictly prohibited.

Any employee under the influence of alcohol or drugs that may impair judgment, performance or the safety of the employee or others while on Company property, Company business, or during work hours, is subject to discipline including termination.  Employees are required to promptly notify Company ABC if they are taking any medication that may affect their judgment, performance or behavior.

Company ABC conducts post-accident drug testing of employees when an accident occurs during company time as allowed by law.  Company ABC will contract a third-party licensed laboratory to conduct all drug testing.

Company ABC will pay the costs of initial and confirmation drug testing which it requires.  Employees who dispute any results will pay the costs of any additional drug testing.

Company ABC may conduct drug and/or alcohol testing if an employee is having work performance problems and/or is displaying behavior that may be alcohol or drug related.  A manager or supervisor, with the approval of Occupational Health and Safety, may require that the employee submit to a breath test and/or urinalysis.  In such circumstances, the employee will be suspended without pay until the test results are known.  If the results are negative, the employee will be reimbursed for all work time lost.

As a condition of employment, employees are required to notify their manager or supervisor in writing of any criminal drug statute conviction they receive.  This notification must be received by the manager or supervisory within  days of the conviction.

Consequences of Positive Test Results

A post-accident positive drug test will result in termination of employment.  Refusal to comply with the testing requirements of this policy will be considered to be a positive result and will result in immediate termination of employment.

All positive results are reviewed by a Medical Health Officer (MHO).  The MHO will contact employees who test positive to ensure other possible medications or factors did not cause the positive result.  If an employee refuses to talk to the MHO, the test results will be considered “positive” and will result in immediate termination of employment.

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