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Sample Drugs And Alcohol Policy

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Drugs and Alcohol


The intent of this policy is to ensure substance abuse is not present in the workplace.  Employees are encouraged to confront and acknowledge any substance abuse problems knowing that if they do so their employment will not be jeopardized.  It is expected that employees perform their duties safely and efficiently.  The presence and/or use of drugs and alcohol on the job are inconsistent with this expectation.

ABC provides employees with a voluntary Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  The EAP assists employees who seek help for alcohol or drug problems.


To provide a drug and alcohol free workplace.

To assure the safe and efficient delivery of services to clients.

To contribute to a safe work environment.

To represent the Employer in a professional manner.


Impairment is the inability of an employee to safely and effectively perform his or her job.

Reasonable suspicion is a reasonable belief based on objective facts and physical indicators that an employee is under the influence of, or in possession of, drugs or alcohol.


This policy applies to all employees.

Employees shall not come to work if they are impaired due drugs and/or alcohol use.

Employees shall not use alcohol or impairing drugs during the workday.

An employee who is called back to work shall decline the call if he/she believes that he or she is impaired.

Possession, use, sale or distribution of illegal drugs in the workplace is prohibited.  Sale or distribution of any impairing drug in the workplace is also prohibited.

Possession, use, and sale of alcohol are prohibited in the workplace.

Upon reasonable suspicion that an employee cannot safely or effectively perform his/her duties, the employee shall submit to a fitness test.  Refusal to report or submit to any alcohol or drug test is insubordination and is subject to the appropriate discipline.

Upon reasonable suspicion by two (2) or more supervisors, the Employer retains the right to search ABC owned property, vehicles, desks, closets and lockers, to the extent allowed by law including a search warrant, for alcohol or drugs when the employee is present.  If the employee has a personal lock on the locker, the employee shall remove it.

Employees who violate this policy are subject to discipline up to and including termination.

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