Free Sample Educational Leaves Of Absence With Pay Policy
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Sample Educational Leaves Of Absence With Pay Policy

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Educational Leaves of Absence with Pay


Employees will be granted leave if they are required as a part of the job to attend a college, university, course, seminar, conference, or other meeting.

Supervisors may give time away from work may be granted to employees to attend university during normal working hours for their personal benefit provided:

·         It does not cause an undue hardship on departmental operations or working conditions; and/or

·         Any lost time is made up during the same workweek in which the absence(s) occurs.


Employees must submit a request for leave of absence on a Leave of Absence Form.  The request must indicate the start and end times and dates of the leave.  The request must be submitted prior to the beginning of the leave.

The employee’s supervisor and supervisor will approve the request.

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