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Sample Employee Registration Policy

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Employee Registration

Policy Rationale

·         To advise and enroll new employees in ABC's benefit plans.

·         To ensure HR/personnel files are accurate and complete.


Upon date of hire, the department will make an appointment for the new employee with the Benefits division of HR.  HR must receive the following forms at least  working days before the employee's start date:

·         Application Form.

·         Staff Changes Form.

·         Employee Personal Information Form.

·         Union Registration Card (if applicable).

·         Benefit Plans Forms (if applicable).

The following issues will be discussed at Employee Orientation:

·         Vacation.

·         Sick time.

·         Leaves of absence.

·         Group Life Insurance.

·         Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.

·         Extended Health Plan.

·         Dental Plan.

·         Long Term Disability.

·         Retirement Plan.

·         Employee ID card.

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