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Sample Employment of Relatives Policy

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[   ]  Senior Management Team

[   ]  Vice President

Source:  Administration

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1.     POLICY

·         This policy will not conflict with any part of the State ABC Human Rights Code.

·         Immediate relatives may be employed provided that such individuals:

·         Apply in accordance with established policies and procedures.

·         Possess the required qualifications and experience.

·         Are considered the most suitable candidate.

·         Employment of immediate relatives shall be restricted in situations where:

·         A direct supervisory relationship exists.

·         The opportunity for collusion or conflict of interest exists as determined by legal counsel.

·         The Vice President of Human Resources can only approve exemptions to this policy.  Valid grounds for exemptions are:

·         Critical recruitment problems.

·         Where the employee’s rights under the State ABC Human Rights Code conflict with the policy.

·         For married employees, when it is neither possible nor practical to transfer one to another department.

NOTE:  For the purpose of this policy, immediate relative refers to spouse, parent, son, daughter, brother, sister or grandparent.  This definition also covers all relatives in a common-law relationship.

2.     PURPOSE

·         To ensure selecting qualified candidates is not unreasonably limited.

·         To prevent family relationships from restricting an individual’s employment opportunity.

·         To maintain sound managerial control.

·         To ensure a high degree of integrity during recruitment.

·         To act within the confines of the State ABC Human Rights Code.


·         All applicants must submit an application in accordance with employment policies.

·         Normal employment recruitment procedures are followed for all positions.

·         When it becomes known that an employee conflicts with this policy, the Manager will meet with Human Resources to review the situation using the following guidelines:

·         The details of the relationship of the employee to the supervisor.

·         Determine if the relationship would adversely affect the work relationship, compromise job performance, or jeopardize managerial control.

·         All situations will be decided based on individual circumstances on a without prejudice basis.

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