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Sample Employment Offers Policy

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Employment Offers

Policy Rationale

All employment offers must follow ABC policies and be approved by the supervisor, HR, and the affirmative action consultant.  Failure to follow these procedures can nullify an offer. Hiring supervisors must meet with HR to ensure that the process is followed correctly.


Employment offers can only be made if:

·         The candidate completes an application form.

·         A reference check is completed.

·         The Staff Changes Form is completed.

All employment offers must be in writing and must include the following where applicable:

·         Job title, pay band and rate of pay.

·         Brief description of job duties and job expectations.

·         Probationary period.

·         Hours of work.

·         Unusual requirements (i.e. working weekends, overtime, etc.).

·         Medical examination/immunization information.

·         Non-disclosure or property rights agreements.

·         Proof of identity and employment eligibility.

A written copy of the offer, the employee’s completed and signed application form and a completed Staff Changes Form must submitted to HR on or before the first day of work.

The following ORIGINAL documents need to be presented to the hiring supervisor or designated representative on or before the first day of employment:

Proof of identity and employment eligibility requires one of these original documents be presented:

·         U.S. passport.

·         Valid Foreign Passport with I-551 stamp.

·         Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766).

·         Resident alien form with bearer's photograph (Form I-55l).

·         Temporary resident card (INS Form I-688).

·         Employment authorization card (INS I-688A).

·         Valid foreign passport with valid official stamp or valid Form I-94.

(NOTE: Use of the I-94 Form must first be verified by HR)

If the individual does not have any of the above documents, he/she must present a document from each of the next two sections.

·         State-issued driver's license or state-issued identification card containing a photograph.

·         U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner card.

·         U.S. military card or draft record.

·         Identification card issued by federal, state, or local government agencies or entities.

·         School identification card with a photograph.

·         Native American tribal documents.

·         Military dependent's identification card.

·         Driver's license issued by a Canadian government authority.

·         Voter's registration card.


·         Social security card that does not have "not valid for employment purposes" printed on it.

·         Certification of birth issued by Dept. of State (Form FS-545).

·         Original or certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a state, county, or municipal authority bearing a seal.

·         Certification of birth abroad issued by Dept. of State (Form DS-l350).

·         Employment authorization document issued by the INS.

·         Native American tribal document.

·         U.S. citizen identification card (INS Form I-l97).

·         Identification card for use of resident citizen in the U.S. (INS Form I-l79).

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