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Sample Ethical Conduct Policy

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Ethical Conduct

Ethical behavior is key for any reputable organization.  At Employer ABC, that expectation is inherent in our Mission and Values Statement.  Given the current climate, where the consequences of offenses for both the organization and the individual are significant, it is most important that all ABC employees fully understand and support this policy.

During the past few years, government and private sector auditors have given increased attention to our sector.  As a result, there are increasing attempts to identify improper behavior, recover excess funds and provide strong incentives to prevent further such behavior.

Realizing the importance for everyone at ABC to fully understand and adhere to the policy, ABC executives developed a policy of ethical conduct. Senior ABC executives wanted to accomplish three objectives:

·         Define ethical conduct.

·         Increase the awareness of the importance of ethical behavior.

·         Establish procedures for the proper reporting of suspected unethical conduct.

This policy reflects ABC’s commitment to the highest standard of ethical conduct in the course of fulfilling its mission.

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