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Sample Family Health Leave Policy

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Family Health Leave

Policy Rationale

To provide employees with paid time away from work in the event that they must care for a member of the immediate family, a dependent, or a member of the immediate household.


All employees are eligible.


Employees may take up to  working days of leave each fiscal year only if the employee has adequate sick leave as Family Health Leave time is charged against Sick Leave.


In cases of an emergency, advance permission is not required but the employee is required to notify the supervisor as soon as possible.

In cases that are not an emergency, supervisory permission must be obtained at least  hours in advance.

Family Health Leave does not accumulate.  Any Family Health Leave not used during the fiscal year remains as unused Sick Leave.

At termination of employment, Sick Leave balances are cancelled.  Family Health Leave can not be taken after date of termination.


Departments are responsible for maintaining accrued leave records, and should ensure that time is reported accurately on the work records.

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