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Sample Financial Management Advisor Job Description

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Company ABC

Job Description


POSITION:                 Financial Management            INCUMBENT:


DIVISION:                   Finance                                   ORGANIZATION:       Company ABC

LOCATION:                City ABC                                 DATE:                         Month ABC/01            


Approval Signatures:


Incumbent                                                                   Director


Accountable for the efficient and effective delivery of financial and management advisory services to all ABC departments.  Develops budgets for ABC’s financial plan and is responsible for timely and accurate financial and statistical reporting for expenditure control, asset management and performance evaluation.  Helps with strategic and business planning.

JOB MAGNITUDE (Annualized):

Total Company ABC Staff:                             1,000

Total Budget                                                    $60M


The Financial Management Advisors report to the Director of Finance.

There are no subordinates reporting to this position.



The environment is constantly changing with the centralization of departments and services.  Finance is therefore under significant pressure to consolidate the financial information from all of ABC’s departments.  Financial accounting systems and policies and the procedures differ between departments, requiring additional work to consolidate.


Plans, coordinates, develops and implements financial strategies and policies.

Prepares and implements all operating, capital and revenue budgets for all departments within the area of responsibility. The information produced forms the basis for ABC’s financial plan.

Ensures monthly financial reports are accurate and timely.

Functions as a resource for all managers with respect to department costs, budgets, financial reporting and investment issues.

Helps each department within the area of responsibility determine their annual operating expenditure requirements and conduct financial analyses.  Develops and provides productive and accurate decision assist tools for managers that include budget, reporting, costing, operations, forecasting and activity based analyses.

Reviews requests from departments for cost allocation and budget revisions.

Evaluates the financial report preparation and budgeting process in order to increase operational efficiency, enhance internal controls and provide accurate information to managers.

Reviews internal controls, business processes, and service viability and provides recommendations to departments on these items.

Acts as the Finance representative on working groups and committees.

Carries a workload of special projects.  Instructions are in general terms with specifics determined by the incumbent.

Develops financial reports, analyzes financial results, plans financial strategies, and utilizes specialized accounting and auditing skills to solve the complex financial problems.

Provides ongoing financial management skill development to departments.

Conducts education seminars at all levels of the organization.

Ensures regular meetings regarding Finance issues are held with all managers.

Ensures the Director is apprised of ABC’s financial operations, developments and initiatives.

Coordinates the activities of Finance staff for special projects.

Helps to develop both ABC’s finance objectives, goals and policies.  This includes facilitating and coordinating the planning process within the Department of Finance.

Requires a sound understanding of ABC’s union contracts and human resource policies and procedures when carrying out assignments and responsibilities.  One example is the need to quantify the financial impact of proposals on ABC’s budget during collective bargaining.

Helps to design, implement and maintain the integrated financial reporting system.

Reviews contracts that involve significant financial commitments for ABC and assists all stakeholders with drafting contracts.

Prepares and evaluates the financial impact of acquisition and/or divestiture proposals and makes feasibility recommendations to managers.  Proposals are typically strategic and long-range and have major impacts on the operations and budget of ABC.  An example would be considering a joint venture with a third party business and how the venture would be funded.

Remains current with techniques for financial analysis/reporting and evaluates the possible benefits of these techniques for ABC.

Major Challenges:

Acts as a change agent in a dynamic organization characterized by competing agendas, constant change and scarce resources.  The incumbent must establish collaborative working relationships with all managers be able to diplomatically interact managers who feel their department is, or will be adversely affected through the budget process.

Expected to meet strict deadlines and respond to frequent requests for financial information with little or no notice.  The challenge is to produce quality outcomes in light of these constraints.  The ramifications of inaccurate or incomplete information can be significant.

Communication in a large and complex organization is a major challenge.  The incumbent must promote a healthy and pro-active workplace climate, good public image & professional persona.

Strategic and long-range planning is a major challenge given the rapid pace of ABC’s industry.

Many requests are not solved using a structured method. The incumbent must determine the appropriate action, given the available resources.

Another challenge is developing a cost-conscious attitude.  This would result in the most efficient and effective use of resources throughout ABC.

The incumbent must build, support and meet expectations of a diverse client-base, including managers, vice presidents, the CEO and the Board.


The incumbent has frequent contact with all levels of management.

The incumbent has frequent contact with Labor Relations and payroll to discuss financial implications of union contracts and out-of-scope benefits policies.

The incumbent works with external consultants on projects.

The position has contact with the IRS and Treasury Department for rulings and queries regarding taxes.


·         Plans, coordinates and develops short and long-term operating, capital and revenue budgets and financial reporting and forecasting systems.  Provides sound financial advice and analysis to all levels of management during the development of their operating plans.

·         Reviews procedures and work processes pertaining ABC to financial matters.

·         Reviews, analyses, develops and improves budgeting and financial reporting systems and financial policies and procedures.

·         Performs acquisition and/or divestiture analysis on proposed activities.

·         Ensure that ABC assets are safeguarded by applying the appropriate internal controls that are tested through audits.

·         Provides education seminars to all managers on budgeting, accounting and payroll.

·         Maintains professional growth and acts as a role model to help others achieve their career goals and objectives.

·         Facilitates effective communication to managers regarding financial issues.

·         Ensure that ABC follows the appropriate tax law by interpreting tax legislation.


Involves a normal office environment.

Sitting for extended periods of time in front of a computer is common.  Results in repetitive strain on the neck and back.

Travel between various department and facilities is common.

Requires continual concentration and attention to detail.  Errors are not easily detected and can have a major impact on use of ABC’s resources.

This position operates under strict deadlines and stress from deadlines is frequent.  Interruptions to workflow are common and add to stress.  The incumbent must adjust hours of work on a weekly or daily basis in order to meet deadlines.

The changing and complex environment coupled with limited resources requires effective stress management skills as well as leadership skills in order to maintain quality client service.


Professional Accounting Designation and four years experience in a senior financial position.


·         Excellent working knowledge of database software, spreadsheet applications and word processing.

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

·         Excellent organizational skills, including planning, prioritizing and overseeing numerous concurrent projects.

·         Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills.

·         Strong analytical and project management skills.

·         Superior working knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards.

·         Knowledge of tax law and union contracts.

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