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Sample Funeral Leave Policy

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Funeral Leave

Policy Rationale

To provide employees with paid time away from work in the event of a death in their family.


All employees are eligible.


In the event of a death in an employee’s immediate family, he or she will be allowed up to a maximum of enter number of days here days off with pay.

Immediate family includes:

·         Spouse.

·         Child.

·         Brother or sister.

·         Employee’s parent.

·         Grandparent.

·         Grandchild.

·         Father-in-law.

·         Mother-in-law.

·         Son-in-law.

·         Daughter-in-law.

·         Brother-in-law.

·         Sister-in-law.

In the case of other relatives, a fellow employee in immediate department, or if serving as a pallbearer, a maximum of enter number of days here  for a local funeral, and enter number of days here   for an out-of-town funeral may be granted with pay.


Departments are responsible for maintaining accrued leave records, and should ensure that time is reported accurately on the work records.

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