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Sample Grievance Procedure Policy

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Grievance Process

Policy Rationale

To establish a process for a fair, rational, and efficient resolution of disputes between supervisors and employees.

Applies To

All employees have access to this process except members of a collective bargaining unit (THIS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOUR ORGANIZATION).  Probationary employees do not have access to this procedure in the case of termination and extension of the probationary period.


An employee can use this procedure to dispute an alleged violation of ABC policies or relevant laws or regulations including anti-discrimination laws or regulations that directly and adversely affect the employee.

Informal Resolution

Employees are encouraged to bring any work-related problems to the attention of their supervisors as soon as possible and discuss the concern.

Supervisors should meet with the employee in a timely fashion in order to resolve the issue.

If an employee is not satisfied with this process, he/she may access the formal grievance procedure.

Employee Relations Assistance

HR is available during the informal resolution process. HR can help if the employee is not comfortable approaching the supervisor.  HR will meet with the employee, the supervisor, or both if appropriate, to help resolve the issue.  Hr can also help with policy interpretation, employee and supervisor rights, and the formal grievance procedure.


An employee can act as his or her own representative in any step of this procedure.  If representation is requested, the employee can choose an employee representative who does not have a vested interest in the outcome.

Retaliation Protection

Employees cannot be discriminated against for using this process. If an employee alleges he or she has been discriminated against for exercising rights under this policy, the complaint may be moved to Step II of the formal grievance procedure.  ABC condones acts of discrimination by a supervisor against any employee as a result of his or her involvement in this process as unacceptable conduct and a violation of ABC policy.


Step I - Supervisor

If informal attempts fail, an employee may file a formal grievance. The grievance must be in writing, signed by the employee, and submitted to the supervisor within  working days of the incident causing the grievance, or within  working days from the date the employee had reason to know of the incident.  The grievance must identify the policy that is alleged to have been violated, provide details of the facts and outline the remedy sought.

Grievances that do not include these criteria will be rejected.

Within  working days from receipt of the written grievance, the supervisor will schedule a meeting with the employee. The meeting will take place within  working days from receipt of the written grievance.

The supervisor will provide the employee with a written response within  working days from the date of the meeting and forward a copy to HR.

Step II - Review by HR

If the grievance is not resolved at Step I, the employee may submit a written appeal to HR within working days from receipt of the Step I answer.

The Director of HR will schedule a meeting with the parties involved within  working days from receipt of the written appeal.  The meeting will be held within  working days of the receipt of the written appeal.

The Director will investigate provide a written decision to the employee within  working days from the close of the meeting.  Except as outlined in Step III, this answer shall be final.

Step III - Special Review

If an employee's complaint arises from a suspension without pay or discharge and he/she is not satisfied with the Step II result, he/she may appeal in writing to the VP of HR for special review within  working days from receipt of the Step II decision.

The VP will review the case and the previous decisions.  The VP may schedule a meeting on the grievance at this step if deemed appropriate.  The VP will issue a written decision within  days from receipt of the request for special review or the conclusion of the meeting on the grievance, if conducted, whichever is later. The decision is final and binding.

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