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Sample Head Of Finance And Accounts Job Description

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Head of Finance and Accounts


Head of Finance and Accounts


Kate Doe




Company ABC


City ABC


June 28, 2013

Approval Signatures:


Incumbent                           Deputy General Manager


This position is responsible for Ensuring that Company ABC establishes and maintains an effective and efficient financial management system.

This position is required to Provide financial information and reporting to Company ABC senior management to support effective decision-making, planning and control.

This position is required to implement and maintain sound financial management controls and ensure that these controls are adhered to by all Company ABC staff.


Total ABC Staff:             52

Total Budget                  13,632,993,292

Total Revenues              13,937,536,891


This position reports to the General Manager and receives written and verbal direction from this individual.

This position supervises and directs:

·         Senior Accountant (1): Oversees day to day implementation of Company ABC accounts functions, supervision and motivation of accountants and Accounts assistants

·         Accountant (Purchases) (1): Managing Company ABC purchase accounts/ supervise the cashier on receipts

·         Accountant (Banking) (1): Company ABC banking, payroll and monitoring canteen revenue and supervision of cashier on petty cash

·         IT Officer (1): Running of the IT section, system security and resolving all hardware and software queries

This position provides indirect guidance to:

·         General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Heads of PMS, TSD, PU, Procurement, Accountants: Financial related information related budgets, income and expenditure, procurement, investments, insurance, taxation (Technical and Procedural finance related guidance as may be required)

This position receives indirect guidance from:

·         General Manager, Deputy General Manager: Broad financial and personnel related issues

·         Heads of PMS, TSD and PU: Sales related information and technical issues related the respective departments

·         Head Procurement: Suppliers and procurement related information

·         IT Officer: IT related aspects / software and hardware troubleshooting


Freedom to Act:

This position has work originating from:

·         General Manager

·         Deputy General Manager

·         TSD

·         PMS

·         PU

·         IT

·         Administration

This position provides work to the following individuals, groups and/or departments:

·         Management Team

·         Finance Committee

The work performed by this position is typically reviewed or approved while in progress by the following individual(s):

·         Management Team

·         Finance Committee

The work performed by this position> is typically reviewed or approved when completed by the following individual(s):

·         General Manager

·         Management Team

·         Finance Committee

This position has access to the following procedures and/or manuals to assist with completing his/her work:

·         Recruitment and personnel related procedures

·         Company ABC Finance Guidelines

·         Financial Management Procedures

·         1996 Income Tax Act

·         Procurement Procedures

·         VAT Statute

·         Company ABC Business Plan

·         Company ABC Constitution


The position encounters frequent problems related to:

  • Wrong cost of sales generated by the software
  • Posting of entries to wrong accounts by the activity staff
  • Increasing requests for credit, from clients, that require lengthy process of screening and evaluation

The most difficult problems this position encounters include:

·         IT hardware and software problems that are beyond my capabilities, and require immediate action

This position has access to a supervisor and/or other employees in order to resolve the following problem(s):

·         Personnel related issues

·         Broad Company ABC financial issues


This position has contact with the following individuals, departments and/or external contacts on the following basis:

·         General Manager, Deputy General Manager: to provide routine briefing on financial and non financial aspects of Company ABC, personnel issues and management information aspects, on a daily basis

·         Head of Procurement: To identify and monitor suppliers payment terms, on a weekly basis

·         Heads of PMS and TSD: To monitor debtors positions and collection of data for budget preparation, on a weekly basis

·         CBM International, Project Manager: To discuss debt/ commitment follow up, on a bi-monthly basis

·         AVIS -(NGO), Chief Accountant; on a bi-monthly basis

·         WHO, Head Accountant; on a monthly basis

·         Malteser (NGO), Administrator; on a monthly basis

·         MEDAIR, Logistics Officer; on a monthly basis

·         ARC International, Logistics Officer; on a bi-weekly basis

·         IAA (Hospital), Logistics Officer; on a weekly basis

·         Lacor Hospital, Administrator; on a bi-monthly basis

·         IRC (NGO), Finance Manager

·         Barclay Bank, Corporate Manager; Standard Chartered Bank Manager: Financial (Main Company ABC bankers), on a weekly basis

·         Carr Styer and Simms, Managing Partner: Company ABC Financial Audit, on an annual basis

·         InterService, Director: Financial (holds Company ABC account); on a quarterly basis

·         Atlas Cargo Systems, Director: Clearing and Forwarding Agents for Company ABC on a monthly basis

·         PRP Insurance, Director: Fulfilment of Insurance policies, on a regular basis

·         ICPA(U), Membership Division: Fulfilment of regulatory framework, on a monthly basis

·         Ministry of health, Mulago Hospital, DFID (British Government): To negotiate of supply and payments terms to the government of Uganda

·         Uganda Revenue Authority: Tax regulatory issues/ queries

·         Bank of Uganda: Bank interest rates / treasury bills

·         Ministry of Finance; Uganda Bureau of Statistics: Statistical data for budgetary input and decision making

·         National Medical Stores: Broad range of issues, being in the same market

·         National Drug Authority: Payment of bills, and any regulatory issues


·         Ensure that staff in Finance and accounts department perform their duties effectively and efficiently

·         Overseeing the functioning of the Information Technology (IT) department

o          assigning duties to respective staff

o          supervising, encouraging and continuously reviewing of their work

o          carrying performance appraisals and assessing their training needs

o           liaising with the IT officer, and the NAVISION Solution centre to resolve any IT/NAVISION queries

·         Ensure that all stakeholders (management team, board of directors, auditors) receive accurate and timely financial management information

o         Monthly review of all general ledger accounts to ensure accurate and completeness of posted transactions

o         Prepare/ supervise the preparation of financial reviews, cash flow statements, financial management reports and annual accounts for audit

o          collecting relevant data from all Company ABC cost centres, preparing and consolidating the Company ABC Annual Budget

·         Ensure that Company ABC is equipped with sound Financial Management procedure and policies

·         Fully participate in the decision making processes/ forums for strategy of Company ABC

o          developing an effective cash flow/ control systems; pricing policies; creditor/debtor policies and guidelines; and a fixed asset register

o          monitoring of creditors/debtors accounts, cash position, payments control/regulation, investment of cash surplus

o          delegating to, and supervising the Accountant (purchases), carry out an asset inventory and attach values to all Company ABC Assets

o          preparing management reports for discussion in Management and Finance Committees

o          initiating, discussing and approving management decisions In liaison with the management team, periodically reviewing the existing pricing methodology

·         Monitoring of all expenditure and financial transactions in relation to approved budget and financial management guidelines/policy and inform management to take corrective action

·         Provide reports to the following individuals, departments and/or external contacts on the following basis:

o         management and cash flow reports to Management Team to portray weekly financial performance and cash position of Company ABC: debtors, creditors, on a weekly basis

o         financial reviews to Management Team and Finance Committee to portray the quarterly financial performance of Company ABC in terms of profit and loss, on a quarterly basis

o         final accounts to management team and finance committee to give the annual financial performance of Company ABC, on an annual basis

o         annual budget to Management Team and Finance Committee to provide projection of income and expenditure for the forthcoming year, on an annual basis

o         staff appraisal reports to Deputy General Manager to provide evaluation of staff performance in the Accounts Department, on an annual basis


This position does not encounter any difficult working conditions.


Bachelors Degree and Experience

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