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Sample Hiring Casual Employees Policy

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1.     POLICY

·         Employer ABC recognizes that many new employees enter the organization as casual staff.  Therefore, ABC will ensure only qualified candidates are considered for casual employment.

·         All casual appointments will be based on merit and ability.

·         Human Resources will provide professional and logical expertise to ensure the organization hires quality candidates.

·         All new casual employees will be hired from a pool of qualified applicants who have been interviewed by Human Resources and forwarded to the Manger for consideration.

·         If Human Resources is unable to find a suitable casual applicant, Managers may appoint applicants known to them provided the applicants are qualified and references have been checked.

2.     PURPOSE

·         To ensure the organization hires quality staff.

·         To ensure a consistent approach to hiring casual employees.


·         Perspective employees will complete an application form and/or a resume and forward it to Human Resources.

·         Human Resources will screen applicants through an interview and reference check.  Human Resources will hold applications from qualified applicants for consideration by Managers for casual work that may become available.

·         The Manager will interview those applicants considered by Human Resources to be qualified as outlined above and select a candidate from that group.

·         If Human Resources is unable to provide the Manager with a pool of potential casual employees, the Manager may appoint applicants known to them.  The Manager will ensure the candidate is qualified and that the reference checks have been completed.  Contact with Human Resources is required prior to any offer of employment.

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