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Sample Hiring Interns Policy

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This policy is guidance for managers, supervisors, and human resources department. It provides guidance in hiring interns.


Interns include students, new graduates, trainees or anyone who take apprenticeship at RCR Infrastructure Vietnam.


1.0         OVERVIEW


RCR Infrastructure Vietnam supports internship programs that provide learning opportunities and gain experiences to students in colleges and universities while interns can support RCR Infrastructure Vietnam short-term in general works.


RCR Infrastructure Vietnam may employ student interns to perform work which


  • Not result in the displacement of regular employees and company services; or
  • Not be used as a supplemental workforce to enhance or expand the delivery of RCR Infrastructure Vietnam; or
  • Not be related to Law violations.


2.0         PROCEDURES


2.0.1   Selection

Follow Recruitment Process of RCR Infrastructure Vietnam


2.0.2   Supervision

Each intern has a supervisor who will use all the skills necessary to train and coach interns include: Motivating; Communicating; Developing and Training; Evaluating Intern supervisor does not be allowed to assign interns to represent and communicate to customers and partners. Special case must be approved by HR Manager and General Director.


2.0.3   Evaluation

Interns’  performance should be evaluated every month. Intern also has chance to give company his/her feedback.


2.0.4   Training

Intern is required to attend all the training related to his/her job, include but not limited to NCO, safety training, regulation training, ethics training.... RCR Infrastructure Vietnam provides training to all interns to make sure they are qualified to internship position, prevent intern from regulations violation of company or customer if work at customer site.


2.0.5   Supporting Allowance

Normally, each intern will receive monthly supporting allowance during their internship period and it will not less than monthly minimum wages apply for employee as informed by government from time to time. Pro-rate will be applied if intern work less than 48 hours per week or 26 days per month.


2.0.6   Accident Insurance

RCR Infrastructure Vietnam will pay accident insurance for all on-site interns to cover all accidental injury, illness or death.


2.0.7   Termination

Internship contract is normally valid in 3 months from the start date of intern. Contract could be extended with agreement of both sides. Contract could be terminated at any time during internship period if:

  • Intern submits resignation letter and Company agrees to release
  • Intern has bad performance at work with 3 warnings from supervisor and HR Department
  • Intern violates regulations and/or Law


2.0.8   Information Security Agreement

Intern undertakes to keep all company information confidential.  Intern supervisor is not allowed to assign intern important work, not allowed to give confidential documents or any information regarding business secrets of company. Intern is only allowed to support general works, in general documents.

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