Free Sample Human Resources & Quality Assurance Specialist Job Description
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Sample Human Resources & Quality Assurance Specialist Job Description

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Human Resources & Quality Assurance Specialist


Reports to HR/ADMIN Manager and Executive Management Human Resources Coordinator


  • preparing and coordinating any functions pertaining to employment, compensation, labor negotiations and employee relations
  • Formulating methods to improve employment policies, processes and practices as well as recommending changes to management.
  • participating in the recruiting process, analyzing employee turnover and retention, addressing employee matters and organizing work activities for a company
  • Conducts audits of payroll, benefits or other HR programs and recommends corrective action
  • Managing and updating all HR Policies and Procedures and departmental compliant systems and processes
  • Assists with the preparation of the performance review process
  • Processes required documents through payroll and insurance providers to ensure accurate record keeping and proper deductions.
  • Assists with processing of terminations
  • Schedules meetings and interviews as requested by the HR manager
  • Reviews quality assurance standards, studies existing policies and procedures, and interviews personnel and customers to evaluate effectiveness of quality assurance program
  • Assists departments with the coordination of audit information, and recommends appropriate data-gathering mechanisms, procedures, etc
  • Responsible for achieving a satisfactory working environment between other departments performing quality-assurance studies
  • Interprets and implements quality assurance standards
  • To monitor unusual occurrences, report follow-up procedures, and report monthly and year-to-date comparisons.
  • Reviews testing, quality control, and other testing reports for accuracy, completeness and compliance to requirements to ensure that quality assurance standards and regulatory requirements are met
  • Keeps the Directors informed of studies in process and progress thereof, committee agenda items; discusses problems and completion of audit procedures
  • Responsible for knowing current QA regulations and informing the Directors of any new and/or revised regulations imposed
  • Compiles statistical data and writes narrative reports summarizing quality assurance findings
  • Maintains current and accurate records of all relevant communications, audits, corrective action plans, and effectiveness monitoring
  • To assist the director with records form revisions and procedures
  • Writes quality assurance policies and procedures
  • Assists the Director with revisions to the QA plan for staff review

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