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Sample Interviewing Policy

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Hiring supervisors are responsible for interviewing applicants for their vacant positions. If the candidate pool is not sufficient to select several qualified applicants, the hiring supervisor should contact the HR consultant to discuss additional recruitment strategies.

Telephone Interviews

Hiring supervisors can conduct telephone interviews only as an initial screening device.  Telephone interviews do not replace in-person interviews.

Search Committee

Committees should be limited to employees who have regular contact with the position and whose work is affected by the position.

Committees must be knowledgeable of typical interview questions and guidelines on what questions are legal and illegal. HR can train committees on effective interviewing and applicant evaluation techniques.

Once interviews are completed, the committee should meet to gather data and evaluate the applicants.  The hiring supervisor has the option to consider the committee’s evaluations, but does retain the right to make the final selection.

Once a decision is made, the supervisor will advise the committee.

Interview Format

The interview structure is as follows:

·         Introduce and provide an overview of the position, ABC and the hiring department.

·         Ask the candidate questions about his her work experience and qualifications.

·         Allow the candidate to ask questions.

·         Indicate when a decision will be made.


Candidates must provide a list of enter number references to the hiring supervisor prior to the interview via the application form or resume.

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