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Sample Job Reclassification Policy

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Job Classification

Job Evaluation

ABC's job evaluation program maintains an equitable job structure. The job evaluation program provides a consistent and equitable way of determining the relative relationship of all of ABC's jobs.

Job evaluation focuses on the characteristics of the job and NOT the individual(s) occupying the job. An overview each job is contained in its job summary.

Jobs are determined based upon an inventory of job content.  Jobs are organized into job families, which contain jobs sharing similar skill requirements, functions, and organizational roles.

Jobs are evaluated via the job evaluation system, which considers skill, effort, responsibilities, and working conditions. The jobs are separated into pay bands that indicate the relationship of a job or a group of jobs in relation to another job or another group of jobs.

Job Families

Job evaluation shows how job families relate to one another, and the pay bands for each job and job family.  Job families and each job’s summary also indicate strategies for skills training and career enhancement.  If an employee knows where his/her current job sits within the job structure, he/she can plan more effectively for skills enhancements and career development as other jobs become available.

Changes to the Job Structure

If a vice-president, in consultation Human Resources, determines that a job should be reviewed, Human Resources will submit a recommendation and supporting documentation for the proposed job family/pay grade.  Should a job or job family no longer be viable within the job structure, Human Resources will determine an appropriate course of action to amend the job structure.

Job Evaluation

Each job is reviewed for assignment to an appropriate pay grade within the overall job structure.

New Jobs and Reviewed Jobs

When a job is created or needs to be reviewed due to reorganization or significant changes, Human Resources will review a Job Change Form (PCF), which is prepared by the supervisor. The PCF provides information regarding job content, duties, responsibilities, essential functions, and other relevant information. Human Resources will review the job and develop a recommended a pay grade be assigned to the job.  The decision will be in accordance with the Compensation Program guidelines, and the materials submitted for processing.

Refilling Existing Jobs

When a request is submitted to refill a job, Human Resources will review its job description to ensure it is accurate.

Job Descriptions

When a job is created, it shall be documented with a written job description. The job description shall contain the set of duties, responsibilities, essential functions, required qualifications and reporting relationships. This job description will be reviewed each year by the supervisor in conjunction with the annual performance review.

Employment Advertising and Posting

When recruiting to fill a job, the job description, required qualifications, job family, and pay band shall be included.

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