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Sample Jury Duty Policy

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Title:    JURY DUTY


[   ]  Senior Management Team

[   ]  Vice President

Source:  Administration 

Date Reaffirmed:

Date Revised:

Date Effective:

1.     POLICY

·         Employer ABC shall grant a paid leave to an employee due to a summons to serve on a jury, or a subpoena as a witness in civil, or criminal proceedings.

·         Employer ABC will not deny such leave requests except in extraordinary circumstances.

·         If an employee receives monetary reimbursement for his/her participation in the proceedings, the employee must notify the Department Head or designate.

·         An employee shall never receive a combined reimbursement greater than his/her normal earnings.

·         If the absence of the employee causes hardship for the operational requirements of ABC, ABC may petition the court or legal body to excuse the employee from his/her duty.

2.     PURPOSE

·         To allow employees to serve society without economic penalty.

·         To ensure all staff are aware of their obligations with respect to requests for jury duty leave of absences.


·         The employee shall submit a written leave request as soon as he/she is summoned or subpoenaed.

·         The Department Head or designate shall approve the leave.

·         The Department Head or designate, may request the original summons or subpoena that will substantiate the need for the employee’s attendance at court.

·         If the Department Head or designate wishes to deny the leave request, he/she must contact Human Resources before a decision is made.

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