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Sample Jury Duty Policy

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Court/Jury Duty


Employees subpoenaed to serve as a juror or as a witness shall be granted time off for such duty and reasonable travel time when the absence occurs during his or her regularly scheduled hours of work.  A copy of the subpoena must be kept in the personnel file.  Staff members are required to return to work at the end of the daily duty if there are more than four hours remaining in the workday.  This policy does not cover appearances in court for traffic or other violations or as a party in a lawsuit.


Employees must submit a request to use administrative leave with pay for court or jury duty on a Leave of Absence Form.  The request must indicate the start and end times and dates of the leave.  A copy of the subpoena must be attached.  The request must be submitted prior to the beginning of the leave.

The employee’s supervisor and supervisor will approve the request.

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