Free Sample Labor Relations Consultant Job Description
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Sample Labor Relations Consultant Job Description

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Human Resources

Company ABC

Job Description

POSITION:                 Labor Relations                       INCUMBENT:


DIVISION:                   Human Resources                 ORGANIZATION:       Company ABC

LOCATION:                City ABC                                 DATE:                         Month ABC/01            


Approval Signatures: 


Incumbent                                                                   Director



The Labor Relations Consultant is responsible for coordinating and implementing of labor relations programs for Company ABC.  Consultants develop policies and procedures and provide contract interpretation and advice, technical advice conflict resolution expertise, and collect grievance data.

JOB MAGNITUDE (Annualized):

Total Company ABC Staff:                             1,000

Total Budget                                                    $60M


The Labor Relations Consultants are four (4) of five (6) positions reporting to the Director of Human Resources.  The other positions are the Secretaries (2).


Negotiates contracts with local unions:

·         Develops, maintains and records precedent-setting contractual issues.

·         Consults with department supervisors on key negotiating issues.

·         Prepares mandate requests with respect to contract negotiations.

·         Participates at all levels of negotiation, either as a team member or as the lead.

·         Researches bargaining issues and drafts contract language.

·         Researches cost proposals, drafts counter proposals and develops collective agreement language as appropriate.

·         Negotiates contracts within the prescribed mandate parameters.

·         Prepares and recommends Senior Management decisions in order to ratify agreements.

Advises all levels of management on collective agreement and policy interpretation and dispute settlement:

·         Answers inquiries on collective agreements or policy.

·         Prepares and presents timely and relevant educational material relative to labor relations.  Educational programs help managers resolve grievances, discipline staff, administer the collective agreement and dismiss staff.

·         Meets with all levels of management to discuss information and/or review staff issues.

Processes grievances and disputes:

·         Investigates all grievances and disputes between ABC and the union, develops ABC’s position and prepares responses.

·         Obtains grievance settlements through negotiation/mediation.

·         Helps all levels of management deal with conflicts and disputes.

·         Presents grievances to the CEO.

·         Researches precedents concerning specific grievance/issues.

·         Prepares arbitration cases.

Labor Relations Department

·         Formulates labor relations policies

·         Plans, develops and ensures the maintenance of arbitration awards.

·         Reviews personnel policies and practices and develops recommendations for updates.

·         Gives direction and provides recommendations to all levels of management with respect to hiring, leaves of absences, discipline, and personnel file documentation.


·         Plans, and coordinates labor relations services for a multi-faceted organization that is typified by constant change and restructuring.

·         The continuing development and nurturing of a healthy and stable labor relations climate.   This involves regular communications and dialogue with each union and education and awareness programs for all management levels.


The Labor Relations Consultant administers all of ABC’s labor relations programs and operates with a significant degree of independence.  The incumbent consults with the Director of Human Resources for major issues and unusual situations where standard policies and procedures do not exist.


The Labor Relations Consultant has daily contact with department supervisors/managers to provide guidance and advice for collective agreement interpretation.  The incumbent is also in daily contact with representatives from each union.  The incumbent has frequent contact with other internal and external human resources professionals to discuss policies and contract interpretations.  The incumbent also meets each week with ABC’s lawyer to discuss arbitration cases and to obtain legal advice on grievances and policies.


·         Ensure ABC is effectively protected in all matters of labor relations.

·         Provide advice and assistance to all levels of management in all labor relations matters.

·         Ensure all employees are treated fairly and equitably through good labor relations management practices.

·         Provides pro-active advice on contract interpretations and grievance hearings.

·         Ensure all levels of management develop labor relations skills through education programs.

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