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Sample Leave and Holiday Policy

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Policy Statement:


The purpose of this policy is to outline the provisions regarding Leave structure. In accordance with the best practice, the organization encourages its employees to use their leave entitlement to ensure their health, well-being and ongoing contribution to the organization.




  • Employees are responsible for taking approval prior to availing leave.
  • All leave needs to be sanctioned by the Reporting Manager. The overall responsibility of this policy lies with the HR Department.




  • Policy is same for all the employees who are under probation period or who are permanent, only the difference is number of leaves allotment.




  • Leave shall mean employeeâ s absence from work for certain period on permission, for meeting his / her personal purpose.
  • The financial year will be followed for the purpose of availing leave i.e. from 1st April to 31st March. 
  • When the exigencies of service so require, leave of any kind may be refused or revoked by the competent leave sanctioning authority. However, maternity and sick leave shall not be refused to an employee if they are correctly proved.
  •  Leaving office without having approvals is the responsibility of both RM & DR.
  • All leaves should be applied by email only using standard leave application form and taking approval from the Reporting Manager with intimation to HR department by email prior to going on leave.
  • Employees shall be encouraged to avail their leave during the course of the year to the extent possible taking into account the need of the employee to take a break and relax & operational requirements of the organization. 



Sanctioning Criterion (to be followed by the reporting manager)

  • Reporting Manager is having complete responsibility & authority to approve leave taking into consideration - 
    • The targets at Unit / Organizational level & amount of assigned ongoing / upcoming jobs
    • Importance of designation & its assigned R&R as per JD 
  • Company shall not have to pay any penalty / bear losses due to sanctioning, if so then the reporting manager is completely liable. 
  • Leave can only be approved if Target (ongoing/upcoming) assigned shall be completed on time or shall be assigned to somebody (if not completed on time) having same skills set with concern of Reporting Manager/PMC of the delegated official.  Reporting manager should ensure proper delivery of committed works as per schedules.



Important Points

  • Approved leave can be cancelled any time before / during allotted
  • leaves based on seriousness / urgency of work at the organization. If any unwanted practice is found in relation to leave availing process, it shall be unacceptable and will call for strict actions to be taken and decision of management shall be final.  
  • No attendance / in-out register shall be maintained for EKIESL officials.
  • All relevant records (in soft copy) have to be kept by HR Manager at HO on monthly & yearly basis which shall be dept. wise. & individual wise, which shall be used to analyze any individual during periodic performance appraisal.



When Leaves are taken forcefully without sanctioning from reporting manager

  • Reporting manager has to justify (with complete information) the act of the direct report by email to the HR Manager at HO, cc to RM of RM, MD & Unit Head by EOD when such act was known / committed.
  • Direct reportee has to justify the act by email (when he/she joins back) to the Reporting Manger, email cc to HR Manager at HO , MD & Unit Head by EOD when such act was known / committed .
  • Reporting manager has to comment over the same over same through email on the same working day to the HR Manager at HO, cc to RM of RM, MD & Unit Head by EOD.
  • Unit Head & RM of DRâ s RM will analyze (both submissions at point 1 & 3)  the contentions of Reporting Manger & Direct report, on the basis of analysis & past performance of the individual official, decisions shall be declared which may be long term (affecting performance appraisal) / short term ( fines / penalties). The same shall be done at 20th day of each month before Salary Processing.



Approval Application procedure 

  • Employee should take prior approval of the leave from the reporting manager at least 5 working days for long term leaves (more than 2 days), aAt least 2 working days for short term leaves (1 to 2 days) prior to the start date of leave. 
  • Reporting Manager should provide approval on the leave application 2 days prior to the start date of the sanctioned leave.  Information should be cascaded to MD, Dept. Head & HR dept through email by the Reporting Manager.


  • Unapproved leave and additional leaves taken other than authorized shall be marked as leave without pay. 
  • In case of emergency leave (limited to short term), employee must inform his RM/HR (in case if RM is not available) and reporting manager has to inform HR dept. on the same day before 2 pm through email. In such cases, employee shall submit the leave application through online facility on the day of resuming duty. If employee fails to send the leave application within 2 days of resuming the duty, then the leave shall be considered as leave without pay.


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