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Sample Manager Of Finance Job Description

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Company ABC

Job Description

POSITION:                 Manager of Finance               INCUMBENT:

DIVISION:                   Human Resources                 ORGANIZATION:       Company ABC

LOCATION:                City ABC                                 DATE:                         Month ABC/01            

Approval Signatures:


Incumbent                                                                   Director


Responsible for providing efficient, timely and accurate financial services for all ABC departments.  Supervises, directs and audits the financial operations of the Accounting Department in order to ensure information is efficiently and accurately processed.  Ensures the department prepares timely and accurate financial and statistical information. Assists with annual strategic planning and business plan development.

JOB MAGNITUDE (Annualized):

Total Company ABC Staff:                             1,000

Total Budget                                                    $60M

Department Staff                                            9

Department Budget                                        $320,000


The Manager of Finance reports to the Director of Finance.

There are six (6) positions reporting to the Manager of Finance:

Accounts Payable Accountant (1)

Prepares timely and accurate financial information by reconciling the general ledger and audits Accounts Payable documents.

Accounts Receivable Accountant (1)

Prepares timely and accurate financial information by reconciling the general ledger and audits Accounts Receivable documents.

Treasury Accountant (1)

Responsible for managing cash flow, investing funds, disbursing funds, preparing bank reconciliations and reconciling revenues on a monthly basis.

Accounting Clerks (6)

Performs accounts receivable and payable related functions, including maintaining sub-ledgers and general ledger accounts.


The Finance department provides services in a complex and multi­disciplinary organization to.

As the environment is constantly changing, the division is under considerable strain with regard to the consolidation of financial information and the financial accounting systems, policies and procedures require additional standardization.

The Manager of Finance has a wide scope of authority and accountability.  The broad scope of responsibility ranges from diverse external contacts to a direct working relationship with all levels of management within ABC.

Major Functions:

Plans, directs and coordinates Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Treasury.

Evaluates the financial accounting processes in order to increase operational efficiency, enhance internal controls and provide improved information to management.

Ensures that high standards of internal control are maintained through regular reconciliation of general ledger and bank accounts, journal entry reviews, and proper auditing of computer data.

Helps to design, implement and maintain the financial reporting system, which includes Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Cash Management.

Helps the Director to develop accounting policies and procedures in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Accurately prepares various monthly financial reports for internal and external distribution. The incumbent collects, reviews, and analyzes financial and statistical information.

Develops and implements financial strategies and policies.

Prepares and documents the year-end audit and provides assistance to auditors.

Provides financial management skill development for all levels of staff in all departments.

Serves as the key resource for all levels of management regarding the department’s revenues and expenditures.

Reviews internal controls, operating trends, business practices, and provides recommendations to departments in these areas.

Helps maintain a positive and efficient workplace by providing comprehensive financial services and information to all levels of ABC.

Excellent communication skills are necessary to communicate and discuss changes to policies and procedures, the implications of such changes, and the resulting impact on workloads.

Selects, orientates, directs, evaluates, motivates and disciplines staff.  Determines schedules and deadlines.

Maintains working knowledge of all collective agreements and human resource policies and procedures.

Coordinates the activities of finance staff for special projects.

Ensures supplier invoices are paid in a timely manner.

Directs and maintains a client and non-client billing process and an effective collection process.

Major Challenges:

Expected to meet strict deadlines and respond to frequent requests for financial information in an extremely short time frame.  Evaluating, planning and prioritizing workloads with constant deadlines are a continuous demand.

Must continually build, support and meet the expectations of a diverse customer base, including manages, staff and suppliers.

Strategic and/or long-range planning is a major challenge given the rapid pace of change at ABC, particularly during downsizing and restructuring.

Must adhere to sound and ethical business practices in an extremely political environment.

Many requests cannot be solved using a pre-determined and/or structured process that is currently in place.  The Manager must evaluate the request and determine the appropriate course of action.

Developing and nurturing a healthy cost-conscious attitude that would result in a more efficient and effective use of resources throughout ABC.

Freedom to Act:

The position has been delegated a wide latitude of responsibility.

The Manager has the freedom to act and implement appropriate courses of action.  All efforts are focused on achieving the overall goals and objectives of ABC.

The Manager has the freedom to plan, act and make decisions within the job parameters.

This position operates under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).


The Manager has frequent contact with all levels of management and legal counsel.

The Manager has frequent contacts with clients, insurance agencies, collection agencies, suppliers, external auditors and financial institutions

The Manager works with external consultants on projects that are significant to the financial situation of ABC.

The Manager has contact with the IRS for rulings regarding the enter governemtn legislation.  The position has contact with State ABC Finance Department for state tax rulings.


·         Plans, coordinates and directs Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, and Treasury Management.

·         Ensures that ABC assets are safeguarded by applying internal controls, reviewing accounting reports, identifying and reporting variances, and initiating corrective action.

·         Ensures staff are fully trained and supervised.

·         Contributes to a positive corporate image by conducting oneself in a professional manner with all levels of staff as well as external organizations and individuals.

·         Improves ABC’s efficiency by reviewing financial procedures and work processes.

·         Develops and improves financial policies that help to improve the timeliness and quality of information.

·         Facilitates two-way communication among all managers regarding financial issues.

·         Interprets and has ABC follow all governmental laws/regulations with respect to taxes.


Little physical exertion and involves a normal office environment.

Sitting for long periods of time in front of a computer is common.  Results in repetitive strain on the neck and back.  Travel requirements are low/infrequent.

Requires continual mental concentration and attention to details.  Errors are difficult to detect and can have significant impacts on the optimal use of ABC resources.  Extended periods of focus and attention and computer use are frequently required.

Strict deadlines must always be met and deadline induced mental stress is frequent.  Frequent interruptions to workflow are common. The Manager is required to adjust work hours and work duties as required in order to meet deadlines.

The changing and complex environment and limited resources require leadership skills that alleviate employee distress and maintain a quality service.  This contributes to the stress placed on the incumbent.

The Manager is often required to make quick accurate day-to-day decisions based only on precedent and/or experience.

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