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Sample Military Leave Policy

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Military Leave


A. Training or Emergency Duty

Employees who are members of the National Guard or reserves of the US armed forces are eligible for a leave of absence for a period of  weeks each calendar year without loss of pay or any other benefits.

Employees must submit a leave request  weeks in advance with a copy of the military orders from the appropriate military authority.

B. Extended Military Service

Employees serving in the military or serving in the National Guard reserves can return to employment at their pre-leave status and pay, pursuant to the following conditions:

·         The leave may not exceed  years from date of entry (unless the employee is involuntarily retained).

·         The employee must complete the period of active duty and provide evidence to that effect.

·         The employee will be returned to his or her former position.  If the job had to be permanently filled, ABC will return the employee to a comparable position.  If no such position is available, ABC will offer the employee the first comparable position that becomes available.

·         Application for return to work must be made within  days of release from active military service.


Training or Emergency Duty

An employee must submit a request to use Administrative leave with pay for military leave on a Leave of Absence Form.  The request must indicate the start and end times and dates of the leave.  A copy of the military orders must be attached.  The request must be submitted at least  weeks prior to the commencement of the leave of absence.

The employee’s supervisor and supervisor must approve the request.

Extended Military Service

An employee must submit a request to the supervisor for a military leave of absence without pay for an extended period.  A copy of the military orders must be attached.  The department will indicate military leave status on a Employment and Staff Changes Form and submit it to Human Resources for final approval.

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