Free Sample Movement From Bargaining Unit To Management Policy
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Sample Movement From Bargaining Unit To Management Policy

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Movement from Bargaining Unit to Management


Staff may move into management through reclassification or promotion.

When staff move into a management position in a higher salary range, the employee may be treated as a new hire for salary purposes.  In order to determine an appropriate salary, consider the following:

·         All relevant factors (education and experience of incumbent, salary compared to other managers and salary compared to similar positions outside the organization) and make appropriate adjustments.

·         With regard to contract considerations:

·         A professional staff member moves to a managerial title will serve at a minimum one year in the new managerial position before reaching permanent status in the new position.

·         If the managerial employee does not perform satisfactorily during the one-year probationary contract period, he/she can return to the former or comparable bargaining unit position.

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