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Sample Moving Expenses Policy

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Moving Expenses


To have moving expenses paid by ABC, employees must be employed to fill a regular position.

Supervisors authorize payments for the cost of moving, but such payment is not an automatic entitlement.

The decision to pay the cost of moving lies with the appropriate supervisor/vice-president.  The CEO will decide whether a vice-president shall receive such payment.

The unit’s operating budget must provide funding for moving expenses.  Funding arrangements must be made prior to making any commitments to prospective employees.

All new employees whose moving expenses paid by ABC are required to use Moving Company ABC.  Supervisors are responsible for complying with this requirement.

ABC reports the amount paid for moving expenses as regular taxable income for employees.  The amount paid will appear on a separate W-2 form as taxable income without any withholding.


The CEO/Vice-President/Supervisor submits a Moving Expense Authorization Form and a purchase requisition to Purchasing.  Purchasing attains a cost estimate and the mover contacts the person being moved to make all arrangements.  When the estimate is received, Purchasing issues a purchase order for the move.  After the move, the department signs the receiving report and forwards it to Purchasing.

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