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Sample Nepotism Policy

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SUBJECT: Nepotism

PURPOSE: To regulate hiring two or more individuals from the same immediate family.

POLICY: Employer ABC will not employ, appoint, promote or transfer any person related to an employee (or his/her spouse) within the first or second degree by marriage (affinity) or within the first, second or third degree by blood (consanguinity) to the employee whose duty would involve employment, promotion, and/or transfer decisions.

No person shall be employed if either person would be under the supervision of the other; or if either would participate in salary increases or promotions for the other.


1.  Degrees of Relationship

2.  Consanguinity and Affinity

3.  Supervision of Relatives

1.     Degrees of Relationship













2.     Consanguinity and Affinity

a.     Individuals are related by consanguinity if they are descendants or share a common ancestor.  Adoptive children are treated as natural children.

b.    Individuals are related by affinity if they are married to each other or if one spouse is related by consanguinity to the other person.  Divorce or the death of a spouse terminates relationships by affinity created by that marriage unless a child of that marriage is living, in which case the marriage is considered to exist.

3.     Supervision of Relatives

a.     Departments units may employ individuals who are related to another within the prohibited degrees provided one such relative does not:

·         Have responsibility for the direct or indirect supervision of the other relative

·         Have authority over the salary of the other relative

·         Have authority over other terms and conditions of employment of the other relative.

The CEO can only authorize employment under these conditions.

This policy does permit re-appointment or continued employment of any person whose employment commenced prior to the adoption of this policy.  However, no employee may appoint, reappoint, promote, or determine the salary of any person related within either of the prohibited degrees.  In addition, no employee shall participate in, or recommend the appointment, reappointment, promotion or salary determination of any person related within either of the prohibited degrees.

If reappointment or continued employment places a person under the supervisor of a relative, evaluation(s), reappointment(s), promotion(s), or salary determination(s) shall be the responsibility of the next highest supervisor.

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