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Sample Offers of Appointment Policy

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1.     POLICY

·         Offers of appointment will be given to all new staff & employees who transfer between positions.

·         To ensure accurate information is provided to successful candidates.

·         To ensure effective communication flow among appropriate personnel.



·         Manager

·         Performs reference check on selected candidate.

·         Selects the successful candidate for the vacancy.

·         Presents a verbal offer of appointment to the successful candidate.

·         Negotiates a start date with the employee.  In the case of a transfer between departments, the manager of department from which the employee is coming from must also agree on the start/transfer date.

·         Notifies Human Resources of the decision.

·         Prepares Employment Advice and Staff Changes form and sends to Human Resources.

·         Human Resources

·         Receives Employment Advice and Staff Changes form and prepares letter of offer.  Letter will include:

·         Welcome to Employer ABC (new employees)

·         Job title, status, term of appointment

·         Starting salary and pay range

·         Length of probationary period

·         Requirement to submit proof of education, technical certificate or other special qualifications, where applicable

·         Orientation, documentation information and starting date

·         The Candidate

·         Sends acceptance letter to Employment Facilitator (new hires only).

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