Free Sample Organizational Development Consultant Job Description
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Sample Organizational Development Consultant Job Description

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Organizational Development

Company ABC

Job Description

POSITION:                 Consultant                               INCUMBENT:

DIVISION:                   Organizational Health             ORGANIZATION:       Company ABC

                                    & Development

LOCATION:                 City ABC DATE:                         Month ABC/01            

Approval Signatures:


Incumbent                                                                   Director


The Organization Development consultants provide consultation services that support the culture of Company XYZ in order to meet the organization’s mission and goals.  The consultants plan, develop, implement and evaluate organizational, leadership and training and development programs and services.

JOB MAGNITUDE (Annualized):

            Total Company ABC Staff:                             1,000

            Total Budget                                                    $60M


This position is one of six (6) positions reporting to the Director of Organization Development.

The others include two (2) Confidential Secretaries.  There are no subordinates reporting to this position.


The Consultants work with the Board of Directors, Senior Leadership, management and staff to fulfill the mission and goals.

The incumbents are internal consultants.  Clients include the Board, Senior Leadership, managers and employees.

Major Roles:

·         Determining the causes of issues or problems;

·         Facilitating high quality decision making;

·         Determining appropriates processes for organization improvement and optimization;

·         Educating and coaching skill development of clients.

Major Functions:

Assess and diagnose situations, including data gathering, research and data analysis.

Develop and recommend appropriate strategies to address issues/problems/opportunities identified during assessment and diagnoses.

Facilitate strategic planning, quality improvement, decision-making, organization improvement and change.

Coach and assist managers and staff with change management.

Coordinate Organization-wide initiatives.

Facilitate culture change by helping others learn about culture, its role, and how it is changed.

Work with staff to create a culture that supports learning by creating ways for self-managed learning and ways for people to share what they have learned.

Align XYZ’s strategies with the infrastructure by advising leaders on the coordinated development of the infrastructure so that it can support the implementation of the strategies.

Core competencies required performing the job duties:

Interpersonal Skills

·         Ability to teach

·         Strong listening and feedback skills

·         Able to adapt to the needs of clients

·         Dedicated to the idea of ongoing learning

·         Assertive in addressing client issues

·         Supportive of clients

·         Focused on clients’ needs

·         Creative and innovative

·         Able to build influence with clients

Consulting skills:

·         Contracting: assist clients with problem identification and definition and negotiate resolutions

·         Information collection: assess required information, obtain information from various sources and conduct analysis and interpretation

·         Planning: recommend strategies based on analysis, develop action plans with clients, monitor progress and respond to changes and make adjustments

·         Evaluation:  evaluate outcomes and follow-up as appropriate

Technical Skills

·         Leading group processes and/or discussions

·         Able to detect when intervention is not effective

·         Able to assist others to shape culture

·         Able to facilitate strategic planning

·         Coaching managers/employees to effectively lead change

·         Conflict resolution

·         Critical thinking: conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information

·         Able to coach others in skill development

Major challenges

·         Work is loosely defined intangible.  The Consultant makes decisions based on general principles with little or no precedent

·         Initiatives are conducted in a complex, multi-disciplinary environment

·         Consultants are required to analyze complex situations and develop innovative solutions

·         Consultants frequently work with departments and groups where relations are strained and achieving consensus is difficult

·         Consultants must provide instruction based on Organization Development principles and theory in addition to quantitative methods.  Significant mental sharpness is required in combination with superior listening skills for facilitation

The Consultant determines appropriate courses of action.  The Consultant decides which projects are viable and determines solutions in consultation with the project’s stakeholders.

Internal:  Consultants work closely with the other branches in the Human Resources.  Consultants also consult with other educators to coordinate initiatives throughout XYZ.

External:  Consultants maintain proficiency in contemporary and innovative approaches to Organization Development through ongoing personal and professional development and networking with other professionals.  These professional responsibilities require the incumbent’s membership and participation in professional associations.


The job requires sustained mental concentration and focus while working in difficult environments where the parties are in conflict.  The ability to quickly change strategies in response to emerging issues/needs is crucial.


Bachelor’s degree in OD or HR or a related field, master’s level preparation preferred.  Five to ten years of progressive experience in a related area.

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