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Sample Orientation Policy

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Employee Orientation

Policy Rationale

Orientation to ABC is important for the employee and ABC. The supervisor should explain the job, the working conditions and the department and ABC's expectations.  Effective orientation reduces turnover, improves efficiency and contributes to good morale.

First Day of Work

The employee should meet with the supervisor and to discuss the following:

·         ABC’s culture, structure, values and expectations.

·         The department's role in ABC.

·         The department culture, structure, values and expectations.

·         The employee's role in the department.

·         The name and phone number to call if the employee is unable to get to work.

·         Payday dates.

The employee should be given a tour, introduced to co-workers and shown where the following are located:

·         Bulletin boards.

·         Lunchroom.

·         Washrooms.

·         Supplies, equipment (photocopiers, FAX, scanner, etc).

·         His/her office.

·         Fire exits.

·         First aid kits.

First Week of Work

The supervisor should discuss the following issues with the employee:

·         Job performance expectations and evaluation periods.

·         Hours of work, break times and lunch times.

·         Emergency policies and procedures.

·         Flex-time hours of work if available.

·         Occupational Health & Safety.

·         Confidential information.

·         How to report illness.

·         Work records.

·         Dress code.

·         Attendance.

·         Probation.

·         Overtime.

·         Vacation.

·         Smoking.

·         Parking.

·         Visitors.


The supervisor must complete a  Probation Review Form.

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