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Sample Parkade Repair Tender Memo

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To:                 All Managers

From:            Supply Chain Management

Date:             October 29, 2015

Re:                 Parkade Repairs Tender Awarded


Please post or distribute to your unit and share with your staff/colleagues using your existing communication methods.

This afternoon, Company ABC approved the award of the tender for the parkade repairs to Contractor XYZ in the amount of $XX,XXX,XXX. These funds will be borrowed; something that had previously been approved by the Board. This award came after the Company ABC went to market and asked for proposals.  The goal is to repair work this spring.

Currently, approximately 100 stalls on Levels A, B and C are closed. Temporary reinforcements are in place on these levels to help reinforce the vertical structure of the facility. In June 2014, these portions were closed for testing and analysis as a precaution.  At that time, issues associated with the slab and tension cables were identified and engineers recommended the closure of these sections to ensure staff and public safety.

Since then, Company ABC sought expert advice and analyzed the options for the parkade.  A decision was made to repair the facility and to finance those repairs through a loan. The repair work will include:

- fixing cables
- reinforcing concrete
- replacing the surface membrane

Parking fees charged by Company ABC will be used to fund the repairs and we will finance all repairs through a 20 year loan. Parking rates will be reviewed and a decision will be made shortly regarding any changes. However, there will likely be small, incremental increases in staff rates over time to finance all parkade repairs and to fund ongoing maintenance.

This section of the parkade was prioritized for repair first for the following reasons:

  • the work required was deemed the most necessary
  • this section impacted the most stalls

An update will be sent to all staff once we know when repairs will begin on the parkade.

We know the current parking situation is very challenging. Your continued patience is appreciated as we move forward with these important repairs, and work to re-open stalls within the parkade.

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